Sunday, September 14, 2008

Month 9 and doing Fine

Jordyn just turned 9 months. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. She is getting around quite well. She loves to climb up ALL of our stairs. She is standing up by herself now. She signs the word "food." She loves to take baths, chew on anything she can get ahold on, and grab at our fake plants. She has a toothless grin...everyday I check to see if there are any teeth. She recently got over two ear infections. Jordyn is just a happy, go-lucky kind of baby. The three of us are enjoying her new developments and know that many are just around the corner.

Sydney making funny faces so Jordyn will smile.

Aunt Teri gave the girls 2 princess dresses. This is a Cinderella one. It's getting a little small already.

I love the sitting down with two hands on her lap pose.