Friday, February 20, 2009

Alaska bound

For the past 4 months I would say, Jeff's job has laid many people off. We found out in January that Jeff's job would no longer be a position, thus sending our nerves flying with trying to find another job within his company or looking for another altogether. A job opened up in Alaska as a state manager. He would be responsible for the entire state. It would be a huge promotion and honestly I prepared myself that he would not get it. However, today we found out he got the promotion. We are just so grateful that he has a job especially considering todays economy. We feel humbled that the Lord wants us to be there and excited for the new experiences that will come our way. I'm sure I will have some fun posts in the future wether it's random wild animals, extreme climate, or environmental differences. Either way right now we're just elated that the anticipation of having a job is over and looking forward to the anticipation of Alaska living.

last time we were at the temple we parked our car as we usually do. When we came back, this Alaska car was parked right next to us. I took a picture because I thought it was a "sign," at least I was hoping it was.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My bachelor date

I know you're thinking, "Wow those outfits are hot." Luckily Jeff and I have been married for awhile now. This isn't something you want to do on a first date. You realize how ugly a person looks like with googles smashed to their face and a funky type of space suit on. As if that isn't bad enough, when you're in the chamber with huge amounts of wind, you see just how much excess skin is on someone's face. It totally flaps everywhere and if you open your mouth, drool will fly out. But it's worth it. If you don't have fun, you definitely have fun watching other people. Here is a link to watch a minute clip of myself skydiving indoors.

Jeff had a surprise date fo me yesterday. When we showed up to this indoor skydiving place the thought crossed my mind that this was like "The Bachelor" sort of date: exciting, adventurous, and with a hot guy to enjoy it with. We were in this chamber that blew tons of wind and flew in the air like we were skydiving. It was a ton of fun. I would recommend this activity to anyone who is curious to feel the sensation of skydiving without the cost of really jumping out of a plane and skydiving. After this, Jeff gave me another surprise and had made a reservation at a nice restaurant close by. It was great to do something that got me a little nervous. There was much fun "screaming" coming out of my mouth. Jeff was a little disappointed when he quickly realized that you can't just jump in the chamber and do backflips. There is quite a bit of coordination and experience involved to get to that level.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sydney and Jordyn updates

I know there are a ton of pictures but some people have been wanting an update on the girls. In these first few pictures the girls are together. Sydney and Jordyn are really starting to play and interact together. It very cute to see them talk and play together and the added bonus--I'm able to fold laundry and unload the dishwasher without them helping me.

We like to take the girls to the temple. This time however, Sydney had a strong desire to go inside. Once we weren't looking and I had to run across the huge lawn chasing after Sydney. She was running towards the doors screaming, "Jesus I want to see you." Of course the tears began to flow when I finally got a hold of her telling her she couldn't go inside. Thank you for visitor centers and the big statue of Jesus.
Here's Jordyn. She is growing so much. Sometimes I look at her and think, "how did she get so tall." Her first tooth finally broke through 2 days ago. At this point it will be strange to see her with teeth. She runs and is a climber just like her big sis. She climbs on chairs and the dinner table and anything else she can figure out. I really have to keep an eye on these two.

Jordyn is fascinated with the dryer. She loves to pull the dryer vent thing out.

I caught Jordyn in the drawer in our kitchen. She also loves to play with any kitchen utensils, mostly measuring cups. Another favorite is chewing on toothbrushes.

Just a great picture of her going down the slide. I told Syd to give her a push because she was sitting there for about 5 minutes.

She's been in gymnastics now for about a month. She loves to attempt handstands, cartwheels, and backbends. So our living room floor is now her floor exercise routine. She also uses our couch as vault for backflips. Like I mentioned earlier I have to keep my eyes on these two.
Syd at the park the other day. It was such a nice warm day that we had to take advantage of the outdoors.
Sydney is a treat to have around the house. She is a great help and is becoming such a big girl. Shey may be getting her adnoids out. We have an appt. the beginning of March so we'll see what the doctors say. She recognizes all her letters now (mostly the capital letters. We're still working on the lower case ones) and she is learning the sounds of them too. She picks up things quickly.

Syd loves to do her little flip from the bar. I hope this update of the girls give you a good sense of the things they're are doing and learning. Life is so much fun with them in our life and we love them so much.