Friday, April 16, 2010

Sad Day

Today I'm a little on the sad side because Jeff goes back to work on Monday. Jeff has had 6 weeks off for paternal leave. I'm so grateful he gets so much time off work when a child is born. The down side is that I get so use to and comfortable with him home that I never want him to go back to work. He has been a huge help (beyond anything I can write) around the house and with the girls. He has single handedly taken care and entertained the girls for the past 6 weeks. They just left to go to a water park in Anchorage. I am pretty jealous actually. He's fed them, given them their baths every night, put them to bed, reads to them, taken them places, and done the grocery shopping with them. They will be sad too come Monday morning when they see him dressed up and go out the door to work. He's also been a big help around the house. He's painted our kitchen and living room, put hardware on the kitchen cabinets, hung pictures, cleaned his office, taken down the christmas lights, shampooed our carpet and couches, and many other little things that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Jeff has let me sleep in and fed and played w/ the girls in the morning. When I come down the stairs, most times than not I have seen the girls playing together and Jeff washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. When the girls have been taking a nap we've been able to read together, watch a movie, clean the house, and talk together. It's been a luxury and now he has to go back to work. This new way of life has led to 2 ideas.
#1: I'm thinking that retirement should be earlier in life like 25-40 yrs. old when a husband and wife have a family to raise. All I know is being stay at home parents or retired whatever you want to call it has been wonderful. The transition to a 3rd child has been nothing but joy.
#2: This is probably everyone's idea or can we still make the money we're making, but not have to work? Isn't our work raising children to know right from wrong, being good citizens, learning to read and work well w/ other people, being patient, kind to all people, and a million other things? Money really should grow on moderation of course.
Back to the purpose of this post.....I LOVE JEFF!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog

Hot Diggity Dog, Levi is 1 month. I realized his onesie says Hot diggity dog and laughed. Two weeks after he was born I came to the realization that girls clothes are cuter than boys and girls have more variety, but I do love seeing some blue in my laundry mixed with all the pink and purple clothes my girls have. Today Levi is 1 month. His 6 week visit is not in a couple weeks, but I can already tell that he is gaining weight. His legs are getting some meat on them and he's filling into his newborn clothes more. He's gotten some baby acne. He hasn't gotten cradles cap like Sydney and Jordyn had. His right tear duct is plugged so when he wakes up from sleep we have to clean out his crusty eye goop. He has more awake time and likes to look around especially out the window looking at the sky. I look at him and wonder what he's thinking about. Last night I fed him at 9pm and then he didn't wake up until 4:30am and then again at 8am. That has been his best so far. Now I need to tell myself to go to bed at 9 as well so I can have 7 1/2 hours of sleep. This week he has started to have blow-outs and I've had to do laundry on a daily basis. I can't believe it's been a month already. We all love Levi and are so happy he is with our family now.