Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jeff's b-day weekend

A view from Jordyn's room. Guess what time it is? 
It's 10 pm. How am I suppose to sleep when it looks like this outside?
For Jeff's b-day we panned for gold at Crow Creeks Mine in Girdwood, AK. Before we did this we hiked about 3 miles in what looked like a rain forest. It was gorgeous. We did strike it rich, with 5 flakes of gold we found.
The mining town has the oldest bldgs in AK.
We stopped at this beautiful waterfall to take pictures, rest, and head back. 
Sydney willing to take another picture.

Jordyn had a sweet ride in the backpack. Sometimes kids just don't know how good they have it.
This was a cool hand tram to get across this huge river. We are about 60 feet above a river.
Driving to Girdwood on the Seward Hwy.
The night before we went to the zoo to watch the Airforce band play and to see the animals. Our favorite was watching the two polar bears.
This is what you do when you live closer to Russia than your family and friends that live in the lower 48. You do things that your kids would enjoy instead of having a party with friends and family. Jeff said he had a good birthday. He got some new weights and I made him a cake in the shape of a 30lb dumbbell. Now we're back to being the same age, in the same decade:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Athletic and Clumsy

To start off I have to admit that I am accident prone from the waist down. At any given time I have at least 2 bruises on my legs. Currently I have a huge one on my thigh from walking into my bed post and I noticed a new one on my other leg, I'm guessing from hiking yesterday. I've always been active and athletic but I'm always walking into objects that leave these bruises all over. (Another reason why I'm not keen on summer/bathing suit season). On with this story.....I went to the DMV this morning (no story is good when it starts with this line). I was well prepared: had prepared for the written test, had the required forms filled out in advance, and snacks for the kiddos. Now my only wish was that syd and jordyn would allow me to take the test without much interruption. I'm a horrible test taker. The computerized women's voice put a smile on my face when I heard, "Number 040 counter 4 please." I was excited I only had to wait about 10 minutes to see somebody. The women took the necessary documents at about the time Syd took out the bag of chips from my purse.  This put Jordyn in a frenzy as she eyed the bag. Jordyn was in an umbrella stroller so she could be strapped in as a talked to this women and so I could take the written exam without having to chase her around the building. Jorydn impatiently started to tug on my pants. I ignored her tug and continued to answer the women's questions about age, address, etc. To my utter amazement, and embarrassment, I fell. Thanks to Jordyn extra STRONG tug. I tried to avoid falling on Jordyn and causing the stroller to fall backwards. As I fell, from a one year old's strong grip, I heard gasps from witnesses sitting waiting for the lovely computerized womens voice to call their favorite number that was written on a piece of cheap paper, squeezed in their hand. How embarrassing! How did Jordyn pull me over? Why does everyone have to stare and then pretend nothing happened? Laugh, ask if I'm okay, anything, but staying even more embarrassing. So I laughed when I got up and voiced my thought to the clerk women, "I can't believe I got taken down by a 1 year old." I'm still in shock from what Jordyn managed to do. I always thought if someone tried to steal my purse or harm me I would hold my own ground, but Jordyn gave me a reason to question that. Anyhow I took the test, got the first two questions wrong, but ended up pulling off a passing score and an Alaska Drivers License in my wallet. I'll probably find a new bruise on my leg tomorrow from falling and a reminder for the next few weeks of my clumsiness and the surprise strength from my daughter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Entertaining ourselves at the park

Sydney learned to swing (pump her legs) to keep herself going. Yes! I'm so excited I only have to push Jordyn now. There's a video you can watch at the end of this post to see Sydney swing by herself. 
Watching her got old after a awhile so Jeff and I made up some games to play. We played who could jump off the swing the furthest. Jeff won. We played who could, from a complete stand still,  pump legs to see who get the highest the fastest. Jeff claims he won, but it's debatable. Our last game was who could get the most creative pose in the air while jumping off the swing. I think Jeff won this category too. But he was lame when it came to pushing the button at the right moment to capture my creative poses. I got him in the air at the perfect moment. Here are the funny pictures we took. I haven't laughed so hard in awhile. It was a ton of fun for us and the other adults who were watching us.

After watching us, Sydney had to jump too. I love that Syd tries everything and she's not afraid to try either. 

This was the funniest because I realized that Jeff is more flexible than myself. That's scary. I was laughing while I was taking this photo that I didn't get his face, but I got him almost doing the splits. When he landed, he immediately grabbed at his sorely stretched-out legs.
Buddha pose by Jeff
Give me a big hug pose.
Karate kick pose
Sliding into home base pose.
I'm a dork pose

here's sydney video.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Month in Cedar 4/09

 Some pictures of our time in Cedar. We did lots of fun things. We went to the circus. Sydney rode on top of a 45 year old elephant.
Jordyn playing dress up with her hat and purse ready to go. We also drove up to SLC to see the temple and to Provo to visit BYU.

It was so cool to visit the temple. We rode the train in and walked around everywhere. We took a tour of Brigham Young's house too.
Of course I had to walk around the campus and show the girls where I went to college. It brought back so many memories. None of those memories included any outstanding academic lectures I heard, although I know many devotionals touched my heart. The memories surround the awesome people I hung out with and met and the activities we did together. One of the best times in my life was here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kitchen - duh
TV room on main level.

Back porch.

Backyard from back porch

Backyard picture from our Master bedroom upstairs.

We're finally in Alaska and I'm finally posting some info and pictures. In April me and the girls flew to Cedar City for a month while our stuff was being shipped to AK. (I'll post some cute pictures of our time in Cedar next) Jeff was away to various cities for trainings and other job stuff for that month. On Mother's Day Jeff and I flew to Hawaii for an award trip while my mom and sister watched the girls. (I'll also post some pictures of our time in Hawaii). It was awesome! We hiked to Diamond Head, flew in a helicopter around the island, took surfing lessons, and got in a shark cage all expenses paid:) It was none other than luxury for us. Right after that trip we flew from St. George to Anchorage. We were so excited to finally be in AK. The idea of AK had been around every since the beginning of December so I was just happy that we didn't have to talk in the future tense was the present now and it was such a great feeling. Jeff had come to AK before and bought a house. When we got off the plane I laughed to myself as I saw a moose's head on the wall and saw a map with a city named UNALASKA. (they couldn't pick a better name for a city?) The ride to our house was spent observing my surrounding and flooded in my one thought that I couldn't get rid of, "I can't believe AK is my home." The home is very nice. Jeff did a great job. Our home is in a city called Eagle River. It's about 15 minutes from Anchorage. Our address is 17001 Yellowstone Dr, Eagle River, AK 99577 (for family members who have been asking). Our house is very spacious. 3 stories, 4200 sq. feet, 6 bedrooms, 4 toilets, and one forest in our backyard. Some adjustments we've had to make: black out blinds. The other day Sydney came in our room with a fever. It was light out and me and Jeff just suspected it was morning. Well when Jeff looked at the clock it said 3:30. I haven't seen the moon or stars since we've been here and don't expect we will for several months. Another adjustment: Animals. Like I mentioned our backyard is a forest. There are a ton of trees. Our backyard looks out into a forest with a river, Eagle River, that lies on the bottom of this valley. It makes for a beautiful view. Anyhow there are bears, moose, and wolves that have been spotted in our area. But then again it seems that there is no area in AK that doesn't have this problem. Last week we went on a hike with bear spray. I didn't know there was such a thing called bear spray, but there is and that's what people use. So we took our bear spray and whistle and never felt quite calm walking in the middle of nowhere. It's not like they have much in the way of search and rescue because the forest is so dense. When people go "missing", they are gone for good. After jeff told me about wolves I was all about buying a gun. Guns kinda scare me, but I know I won't feel safe without it. I really don't want to be a meal for any animal. The girls love it here. We have a play group on Thurs. we go to. In the summer it's at a park. We have a different play group we go to on Tues. This one is a hiking group. The kids love to go out and play and get as dirty as humanly possible. I love interacting with other women and learning the ins and outs of AK. I want to spend as much time outside since I know our outside time will be limited when winter hits. Things I love about our house: laundry room upstairs, central vac, the scenery, and having the windows open. Most of the trees have a thin trunk and exceed the height of our home. While sitting on my bed, I can see outside. When it is windy, the trees sway and the leaves hitting each other in the wind make for some wonderful music. Just think... at 11pm I'm laying in bed, the window is open listening and watching the trees, and it is totally bright outside. It's beautiful and weird at the same time. I hope some of these pictures and words can paint somewhat of a picture about our new life here in Eagle River.

Living/Dining/Family room. I always get mixed up with these 3. Either way it's a room where we all hang in to eat, play, visit, and and do everything but watch TV in.

View from out our front door.

Funny-looking milk carton. And might I add milk is only 2.50 a gallon at Costco. Several people informed me milk was super expensive.
Here is what bear spray looks like. I thought it was a joke at first. Who knows if it even serves its purpose. I don't really want to test it.