Saturday, February 27, 2010

Belly, Bust, and Beyond

My friend took some pictures of me pregnant. I haven't done this with the other girls and I don't know how many kids we'll have so I wanted to capture my body, bust and beyond at full term. I don't plan on hanging these pictures up around my house and/or showing the others outside of my blog. I've always felt a little awkward with the whole pregnancy picture thing, maybe that's why I haven't done it before. Most of the pictures I saw online were with nude women and and there aren't a whole lot of poses. The cheesy poses i.e. the hubby "listening" to the belly make me laugh out loud. You're probably thinking I'm a cold, heartless mom right now. That's not it at all. I love when my kids and hubby talk and love on the baby, but trying to capture it w/ a picture seems to come out cheesy and not authentic. Anyway, I'll probably make my personal maternity scrapbook because I will want to see and reflect on my pregnancy. I'm thankful I can have this miraculous experience of conceiving life. It's a blessing and honor. Unfortunately I take it for granted. I hope having pictures of all sorts (even the cheesy ones) and writing about my thoughts and feelings will always remind me of the sacred opportunity to carry and bear life. Although I can't wait to hold and look into the eyes of my child and get back into my old clothes, I will miss my belly hitting into things. I will miss feeling the baby move inside, I will miss hearing the heart beat at the doctor, I will miss the anticipation of its' coming, I will miss my belly being a conversation starter, and I will miss seeing my body transform before my eyes because of the growth of the baby-- just another testimony to me that God is the Creator of all things.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Size Small?

The other day I went to the mall (my first time in Anchorage since I know they don't have a play area for kids. I don't understand why all malls don't have a little play area for kids). I went to Motherhood Maternity for a shirt. Of course I grabbed a large, cuz HELLO I'm really large. To my surprise I was swimming in it. The women handed me a small, which was still a little big. I was flattered and for a second believed I was small, but who am I kidding. Almost all 8 month prego girls are not small. Why is there such a size? It should really be SXL (Small for the eXtra Large person). So it got me thinking....these are reasons I KNOW I'm not a small.
1. When I ask my girls to take my shoes and socks off because it's hard to reach that far, I KNOW I'm not a small.
2. When I can't see my feet because my stomach is in the way, I KNOW I'm not a small.
3. When I need elastic on my jeans because a zipper is just out of the question, I KNOW I'm not a small.
4. When I take a break half way up a flight of stairs because I'm already winded, I KNOW I'm not a small.
5. When I weigh more than my hubby, I KNOW I'm not a small. (not like he's a big person or anything just weighs a lot more than I usually do).
6. When Sydney tells me I'm "big," I KNOW I'm not a small.
7. When I have to scoot my drivers seat back because my tummy is hitting the steering wheel, I KNOW I'm not a small.
8. When I need to put a napkin on my tummy because my shirt would get dirty if food fell on it because it sticks out so much, I KNOW I'm not a small.
So although the "SMALL" felt good for a second, it didn't fool me. I'm maybe a small on the Extra Large spectrum and I'm good with that.... for right now. I won't be okay with that 6 months from now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Jordyn

Yesterday Miss Jordyn had her 2 yr. doctors visit, although it's been 2 months since her b-day. She weighs 27.4 lbs which is the 50th percentile and is 3 feet tall which is the 90th percentile. Here are some cheesy pictures of our Jordyn. She brings much laughter and entertainment to our lives, definitely an actress and a ham.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My "pregnancy moments"

While I've been pregnant, I've had some "brain fart" moments where my mind doesn't think. Here are a few that I can remember.
1. Taking a shower w/ my glasses on and not realizing they were on until they steamed up.
2. Placing the ice cream container in the fridge.
3. Squirting face cleanser on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste.
4. Calling Jeff, "Mom."
5. Confusing myself into thinking that 30 times 10= 3000. That wouldn't be so much of a brain fart if I hadn't been a high school math teacher at one point in my life.
Then there are a million times when I go into a room w/ a purpose and completely forget why I went in there, but that even happens when I'm not prego.