Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Pictures

These are the fun and cute pictures Brooke took of our family over Thanksgiving.
Of course a "photo shoot" with 2 young ones goes with some drama. Jeff's glasses got stepped on within the first 5 minutes, breaking the frames. Notice the sucker Syd is holding. I thought the sucker would keep her entertained for just a few minutes to get a couple decent pictures. Little did I realize, Jordyn would throw a fit because she wanted some. So they ended up sharing until it fell on the ground and became an asphalt and grainy sucker. But after 300 pictures brooke took, there are about 20 that turned out great. Gotta love making people smile when they don't want to. I love candid shots way better so here are a few of our family in a red phone booth.

The joy of shots

I read a friend's blog yesterday and it reminded me of something that happened when Jordyn and Syd got their yearly shots in the same visit. There is an advantage of having two kids born within a week. I knew I would find out soon enough. To go on with my story...we were in the doctor's office waiting to get shots. Jordyn had to get 4. The doctors then said, "Okay Syd you don't need one (a shot) this time." This sent Syd in a frenzy. She started whining, "I want a shot" over and over and over. The nurses and myself were in shock that she was requesting a shot. I brought to the doctor's attention that Syd needed her second flu shot. The nurse came in with the needle and Syd got the biggest grin on her face and finally stopped whining. She got her shot and then started crying that it hurt. Oh...there's not even words to describe the emotional roller coaster that Syd experiences on a daily basis.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the season

December is a busy month with figuring out what to give people, doing some kind of service project, decorating, attending parties, creating christmas memories with traditions like sitting on santa's lap, baking cookies, making ornaments, etc. To top it off I have two birthdays to celebrate. Sydney's birthday was on the 5th and Jordyn turned one on the 11th. Luckily they are young enough not to ask for a party with friends and they are young enough to appreciate opening one present and eating cake and ice cream. Yes poor girls don't have cool birthdays but will they ever remember? no. When they care to request a fun birthday I will have to cave in and have a party with a group of girls, but until then I'm going to chill and enjoy my busy december.
Syd got a pretend medical kit. She loves it. Everday she has to give me or Jordyn a checkup.
Jordyn loved her cake and ice cream.
Syd finally got the idea of blowing out candles, opening presents, and being spoiled on this one day.
She was so excited to eat her cake and then go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Jordyn was very happy too. I did for Jordyn like I did for Syd, which was asked family to write a letter for Jordyn's 16th birthday that she can read. I think it will be a treasured present that she will enjoy reading in 2023. Along with the letters are other memorbilia from her first year...a binky, favorite outfit, articles about the life of pres. hinckley, pres. obama getting elected etc. So if you're a family member and haven't written a letter to Jordyn please take the 5 minutes or so to do so. THANKS. She will love it!! I still have to write mine too:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Cedar City

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving at my parents home in Cedar City. We were so happy that the 9 1/2 hour drive was flawless. It's nice to travel when the kids behave.
Opps. We took Sydney skiing twice. She did really good. Her favorite part is to ride the ski lift.
Sydney also rode a horse, Bo. She threw a fit when she had to get off the horse. Once she even fell off the horse. The horse got spooked and moved quickly sending Syd off the horse and on the ground. But she got up, cried a bit, and wanted more. She has guts.
Jordyn admiring the horses.
Sydney feeding Bo some apples. We had a great vacation and now have Christmas festivities to look forward to.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snowfall

This is right outside our front door. I love untouched snow. It is so pretty to me. So this morning I woke up to Sydney saying,"It snowed. It snowed. Come on mom." She was so excited to see it snowing.
Before I had to work at the gym she had to run in the snow and play. It was so cute. I'm excited to make snowmen and angels and get in snowball fights with jeff. The big snowfall got us all excited for christmas.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

poodles and ladybugs

Sydney loved being a ladybug for halloween. People said it was the hottest halloween in Denver they could remember. We went to 4 parties and trick-or-treating, so by the time it was 8pm we were so tired, but hyper from all the chaos and candy that we couldn't go to sleep.

Jordyn as a poodle.

I can't get this girl to open her eyes when she smiles.

Oh, here we go a cute picture with her eyes open. I actually straightened her hair. Now she loves pigtails.

At an outside mall near our home. There were hundreds of people trick-or-treating at this place. It was a fun atmosphere to be walking around and see so many costumes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ear Ow-ies

Every time I repeat this story it gets shorter and shorter so this is the shortest version. Yesterday Sydney fell somehow(not sure) and her ear split open all the way through and even broke the skin behind her ear. She was very brave the entire time. We weren't sure how bad it was until the doctors cleaned the area and realized the cartilage was completely cut through. She had to be sedated while they stitched her up. She is back to her playful self and still insists on climbing everywhere. I didn't realize I gave birth to a monkey but everyday she confirms that. She gets her stitches out next sunday morning. It looks like her and Mike Tyson had a fight and he's back to his old tendancies-biting ears.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Batteries or bras?

I find myself always mixing up words, especially when it comes to sayings. It puts me in embarrassing situations. I thought I would starting writing them down. Maybe my plunderings will put a smile on someone's face.
A few weeks ago I was a Target looking for batteries. I have learned with 2 small kids that the easiest thing for me to do is ask someone what aisle something is in so I don't end up walking in circles in a huge store. The first I person saw was to guys stocking shelves. I said, "Do you have any double D batteries?" They grinned at eachother and one guy said, "Are you looking for batteries or bras?"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Month 9 and doing Fine

Jordyn just turned 9 months. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. She is getting around quite well. She loves to climb up ALL of our stairs. She is standing up by herself now. She signs the word "food." She loves to take baths, chew on anything she can get ahold on, and grab at our fake plants. She has a toothless grin...everyday I check to see if there are any teeth. She recently got over two ear infections. Jordyn is just a happy, go-lucky kind of baby. The three of us are enjoying her new developments and know that many are just around the corner.

Sydney making funny faces so Jordyn will smile.

Aunt Teri gave the girls 2 princess dresses. This is a Cinderella one. It's getting a little small already.

I love the sitting down with two hands on her lap pose.