Sunday, September 29, 2013

funny conversation

Tonight getting ready for bed:
Jordyn in whining voice and about to cry says, "I want to tell you something, but you're gonna get me in trouble."
Me: "Sometimes telling mommy the truth isn't easy, but I'm really happy when you are honest."
Jordyn: "I can't tell you cuz you're gonna get me in trouble."
Me: "I promise you won't get in trouble. We can talk about it."
Jordyn cries and says quickly, "I punched a missionary's bottom at church because I thought it was you!"
Me (and Jeff. He overheard) started laughing. We couldn't help it. I was expecting her to confess to something bad. So we talked about her being embarrassed and I told her a couple stories of my own where I mistook someone for someone else.

half of a year

This girl of mine is half of a year old! 6 months, 180 days? That sounds so long ago yet feels like a month. She started rolling over on her tummy the beginning of this month and now she rolls over back and forth and on her actually 6 month b-day she did a plank and got on her knees. She sits up but after awhile she falls to the side. She also grew her two front bottom teeth. Luckily she hasn't used those teeth to bite me. She's started on baby food including sweet potatoes, apples/strawberries, and bananas. Of those 3 she prefers sweet potatoes. Last weekend she had her first bike ride and loves being outside. When we're hanging out in our backyard she loves to stare at the moving palm trees. Tomorrow she goes to the pediatrician for measurements and vaccines. Many people today at church mentioned how much she resembles Levi. During the day I sing to her, read, sign, talk, play, and feed her. Peek-a-boo gets her to smile, signing the ABC song helps her to stay still so I can change her diaper or put clothes on her, and her soft "whoobies" aka blankets comfort her as she sleeps. Macie is a happy, easy going baby. We love her like crazy! Macie weighs 18 lbs (85%) and is 27.9 inches (98%). Her head circumference  is 16.7 inches. Her dark newborn has fallen out and her hair is definitely light. Her cradles cap is 98% gone.
 I love her profile pictures. She was busy looking at the fan blowing in our direction. It's still warm here.
 On my goodness. Seriously love her big, blue eyes and round cheeks.
 6 months old. What a big girl.
 One of the kids is making her laugh

 Neck, thigh, and arm chub is so yummy. Can't get enough of this cute chunk.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Brother

Last weekend my brother visited us for a day. We only see him about once a year so it was really cool that his work sent him our way, even if it was only for a day. The kids always enjoy having company and Uncle Lance is no exception.  As usual when company comes, they show off the house, their rooms, and all their little tricks within the house.
 We went to the park near our home. This was Macie's first ride in the "chariot." She loves being outside and now that the weather has cooled off, now in the 90's, we can go outside on walks and bike rides more often.

 We caught Uncle Lance up on some home movies, played games, ate dinner, and talked a lot.
Macie loved him too. It was so nice having him here all to ourselves. I grew up with Lance probably half of my childhood. He's 9 years older and I looked up to him in many ways. He always had my back when Brooke was treating me unjustly. We have similar personalities and I feel we've always related to one another. I'm proud of Lance for being a non-smoker now for a little over a year, going to school working on becoming a nurse, and most importantly (in my books) not giving up on himself.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wonder Woman

My morning Thursday morning:
6:30-7:20- run 4 1/2 miles
7:20-8:00-jump in pool to cool off. Finish making lunches and take kids and Gabe to school
8:30-9:30 feed Macie, put her to sleep, take shower, clean kitchen from breakfast mess. Drive to Costco, only to find out it doesn't open until 10 am and think "Man, I have to do Costco, unload the stuff at home and make it to Levi's gymnastics at 11."
10:20: at checkout line at Costco after spending $340. We were pretty much out of everything (diapers, toilet paper, etc). Wow. I just spent $340 in 20 minutes with Levi and Macie in tow.  Macie was in a baby carrier in front of me. Levi was hanging on the cart while I was throwing in all sorts of stuff to full cart capacity. People staring and making comments to me. Yes, I'm psycho people. On my way home I think, "why did I just do that to myself?" This is something I should have waited until Jeff was with me to help out. By this time temps are reaching 100 degrees and I loaded all this stuff in my car and had to unload it at home. But I even impressed myself and made it to Levi's gymnastics with 5 minutes to spare. How I did all that I do not know, but I texted Jeff about it and his response was, "you did that because you're Wonder Woman." He says that frequently to me. As I think about it though, I honestly think it's because I went running. I enjoy exercising, mostly for how it makes me feel. It gives me energy, I feel like I conquered something, I feel strong, it gives me confidence (raising 4 young children I need that), and it's a great way to start my day if the effects are gonna be what it is. I'm grateful for the body I have to run, jump, move freely, dance, lift weights, kick box, and more and appreciate the positive effects it carries over to my physical, mental and emotional state for the rest of the day.

more quotes

Levi: he saw the number 11 and said, "mom that's the pause button."
Levi: He asked me, "Did Jesus make this hole for me to pee" while pointing at his (you know what).
Levi: For like 5 days straight Levi would ask Jeff or I, "Is a dust storm coming?"

Jordyn: She watched Levi score a goal in soccer and said, "Yay, he scored a hole in one."
Jordyn: "Mom. I need some shut eye."
Jordyn: "Mrs. Shiela's boobs are twice as big as Mrs. Anderson's."
Jordyn: Getting in the car to school, I randomly hear her belt out, "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" from Sound of Music.
Jordyn: "She's ruining my life." When she told me that Sadie got student of the month and not her.

soccer season

So this is the first season our kids are playing outdoor soccer. I have the sunburn to prove it. It was overcast today and even drizzling in the morning but I didn't put on sunblock. In AK, soccer was indoor. So this week the kids had their first practice and received their jersey. At each practice the kids had several jersey's before getting the one they got. I didn't realize until this picture that they all ended up with 6. We laughed when we realized it was 666. 

 Levi's jersey is orange and his team is named the Tigers. The coach is named Coach Collin. Levi did so well for his first game. I forgot counting the goals he made at 5, but I think he made about 9 goals. 3 kids play at a time. No one counts the goals. Levi just kept kicking the ball and wasn't shy about it like some other kids and understood the purpose of kicking it into the net. It was so fun to watch. He tried to pick up the ball once. One time he kicked the ball out of bounds and kept running and kicking it after it went out of bounds. It's so cute watching kids at this age play. Every time he made a goal he was expressionless.

 Jordyn's team is "Green Thunder." She has a boy friend that is on her team. When she went to her first practice we learned that a girl just two houses down is on her team so both were super excited to find out they were on the same team. I was most impressed with Jordyn today. She going after the ball, listening to her coach, trying her best, running, and focused. Last time she was 4 when she played at didn't do any of that. It made me believe that she could be an athlete after all. Of course it's okay if she's not, but it was so neat to see a spark of competition in her that we hadn't seen before. Jordyn also played goalie for a bit and blocked 2 shots. Her team won, but I don't think they keep score at this age either.

 Levi was actually very excited to wear his soccer uniform and play. When the shirt is untucked it goes past his knees.
 Sydney is on team "black widow." She is on a co-ed team. It doesn't phase her that she's playing against boys. I couldn't go to her game because I was at home while Macie napped but I saw the video Jeff took. She is not intimated that these boys have played soccer more than her. She dribbled right through a small crowd of boys. She also played goalie and blocked 2 shots. Her team tied 1-1.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Sydney has to be one of the sweetest little girls I know. She's always very willing to do things I ask of her (in most cases). I can't think of the word but she gets very teary-eyed telling me how much she loves me and how much I do for her, usually at night before bed. She's probably tired and it's the first time of the day where she finally lets down from school, homework, playing, and whatever extracurricular activity she's accomplished, but I soak it all in. I'm very impressed that she's looking beyond herself and now seeing how much I do for her and then I'm sure she'll recognize how much teachers, coaches, and other family members do too. But right now I'm happy she expresses those feelings to me and I can reassure her just how much I LOVE AND ADORE HER! I feel honored and so blessed she's my daughter and part of our family. Oh, and this morning when I came home from the gym she was so excited to show me all she did when I was gone. She single handedly clean the entire upstairs: vacuuming everyone's room and making everyone's bed and picking up all the rooms and bathrooms. What a great sister to even clean her siblings room.
She's looking forward to her baptism which won't be until Jan. 11th. We're still working on the Book of Mormon we read every day. We're only in Alma 11. I don't think we'll read it all by the time she gets baptized but we'll be close to finishing. She's putting a lot of pressure on herself as to who to ask to speak, prayer, lead music, etc for her baptism. She wants to play I am A Child of God on the violin at her baptism. Her enthusiasm for the gospel and making the right choice is infectious. I can learn a lot from Sydney's example!