Friday, February 19, 2016

Christmas Eve

We had our Christmas Eve on the 22nd because then we had Christmas day on the 23rd and on the 24th we drove to Gammie and Grandpa's house.
 We played aggravation and everyone opened their presents from one another. Everyone loved what was made for them and excited for Christmas morning.

 Jeff made the kids puzzles of a picture of themselves
He gave me this canvas photo of our family

Everyone loved their seatbelt pillow Sydney made them.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

December happenings.

 Macie performing in her holiday final show.
 A rare nap from Macie falling asleep in Jeff's arms. This was an early nap, so clearly she was ill.
 She fell and trip down the stairs causing a black eye. The week before she threw something at Jordyn and Jordyn got a black eye. And the week after Macie's black eye, I was wrestling with Levi and he shoved his head back, hitting my eye and eyebrow and giving me a black eye. So needless to say, Jeff looked like a wife and kid beater so he did errands by himself so he wouldn't get stares. haha.
 The kids working on their homemade gifts we give to each other on Christmas Eve. Sydney sewed seatbelt pillows, Jordyn made fizzy bath bombs, and Levi made cookies in a jar.
 Jeff and I went to an Ugly Sweater Party at the Milkwick's home. Jen and I having fun!

I loved Jeff's Dora stocking sweater. :)
Also one night we enjoyed making ginger bread cookies.
We also enjoyed a night at the temple looking at christmas lights and our ward Christmas party.

Jordyn's baptism

 Jordyn got baptized on Saturday, Dec. 12th. Jeff baptized her. Grandpa Tim and Grandpa Koehler were the witnesses. Sydney and Grandma Marianne gave talks and Jordyn played the piano and sang.
She wanted to play the piano and had been practicing for months. She did such an amazing job.
 Jordyn wanted "Bright" colors for her CTR quilt I made, so I came up with these colors and she loved it. Sis. Eralie made the cake like she did for Sydney.

 I recycled all the ideas I did for Sydney's, so we have the gumboils, jelly beans, CTR cookies and pretzel rods.

We had the sister missionaries (Sis. Junod and Sis. Schmuack) come over weekly and give Jordyn lessons. I think this helped a ton and definitely prepared her and got her very excited for the day.

 Jordyn was so excited to have everyone there to support her and see her get baptized.

After she got baptized and I met her in the bathroom to help her change. she was tearful and said, "I'm just so happy." I explained that was the spirit and she repeated how happy she felt and that this was such a special day. I'll never forget her joy in that moment. He was powerful and I felt the Spirit as well.

bye bye

This deserves it's own post. Our crib of 10 years is gone. This was Kevin and Lisa's crib they used for all of their kids and their oldest, Chad is 25/26 years old. I never particularly liked it to begin with but it was free and it functioned. 10 years and 4 kids later and it was falling apart. 
Now we are a crib and diaper free home. So refreshing and exciting but I do love babies so it's a little sad too.


 Gammie and Grandpa came to visit for Jordyn's baptism so they sent the kids an early Christmas present. This fun, cute lemonade stand. Grandpa made it. We've already have gotten good use out of it too!
 We bought our tree from a lot. It was Levi's turn to put the Angel on top of the tree.
 We added the lights and the ornaments and the spirit of Christmas came alive. I always love the glow of a lit tree at night.

 Macie has been in a phase...a phase of her whole life....of being naked. Whenever we come home from anywhere she strips her clothes off.
 Levi is a big helper.