Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our halloween was anything but spooky. It was definitely a happy halloween. How could it not be with a couple of ballerinas, a pregnant basketball player, and Clark Kent, who flew home for the weekend. With parties to attend, decorations to hang, pumpkins to carve, goodies to eat, painted faces and a tummy, halloween books to read, there was laughter and excitement to be had at our house.
Halloween night outside our home. It was about 15 degrees and a full moon was out.
You can't tell in her gloves and jacket, but Sydney was a ballerina. Jordyn was 3 things: a skunk, flower girl, and ballerina. Luckily she chose to be this warm skunk when we went trick-or-treating outside.
She dressed as a flower girl when we went on base for some halloween fun.
Here is Sydney's ballerina pose.
The girls sitting in pumpkins. This year I carved pumpkin diapers for them to sit in. I bought another pumpkin that they painted. I've learned my lessons from years before that all they care about is the gooey stuff inside and then I spent hours carving a pumpkin by myself while they make a mess in the kitchen. With Jeff gone this week, I had to think strategically.
So it's hard to tell, but my belly is big and round. It makes for a great basketball so I decided to be a basketball player.
It was a lot of fun and the people at a neighborhood party got a good laugh too.
Jordyn's third and final costume is a ballerina. She dressed like this when we went to a play date and one of the mom's is a photographer. She was gracious enough to take pictures of the little ones in their costumes.

Now the halloween decorations are put away, Jeff is getting ready to leave again tomorrow morning for a week in Dallas, and everyone is enjoying a mellow Sunday evening.

Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Decent Photo

Here's baby shaw in 4D. I guess our little one is a little bit camera shy covering it's face w/ it's tiny little hands and arms. The technician estimated that the baby is about 9oz. and 7 inches long. It is always amazing to me when I think that a woman can carry a baby and miraculous that the baby can develop all the things it does in the womb. As you may have picked up, I don't know the gender. There's a reason for that; it might be a crazy reason, but it's our reason. We are choosing not to find out the gender until the baby is born. With Sydney and Jordyn we did know at 20 weeks that they were girls. We want to know and experience what it is like not to know until the baby is born. We're so excited that it is torturous. We can't wait until March and yet it seems so far away to welcome our new baby. I didn't know our doctor had the 4D technology so I was pleasantly surprised when he gave us our pictures. Everything is looking and developing as it should. What else more could we want?

So here I am before my appointment at 20 weeks. I don't know why (seriously) but i've been tracking my weight, bust, and hip measurements. I'll save you the details. How can the baby still be so tiny and everything else grows like crazy?
So Sydney has decided to be a ballerina for Halloween. As you can imagine it was 5 other things before she settled with ballerina. I'm glad. My mom and I made the tutu last christmas and all we bought were leggings to complete the costume. She loves it.
I think most ballerinas do splits while jumping in the air, but here is sydney doing that on the floor. On halloween I'll do her hair more like a ballerina in a bun.
Jordyn is going to be a skunk. However she wouldn't let me put her costume on so who knows, she might dress up as a skunk or as herself. both of which are pretty cute costumes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jordyn is growing up

A picture I forgot to add.

Jordyn is hilarious. She has her own spunk to her that is different than Sydney. I love Jordyn and Sydney's similarities and differences. I thought I would update what Jordyn is doing these days. Right now she is all about wearing dresses and throws a fit if I make her change out of her dress if we have to go out in public. She also lets me put her hair in pig tails or a ponytail which is good since her hair is getting long and is fluffy.

If jordyn is not in a dress she is most likely naked like in these pictures.. I don't know why I bother putting clothes on her since she peels them right off. She's also known for taking her diaper off. I'm hoping this is a sign that she is ready to potty train soon.
Her ponytail. recently jordyn has picked up biting her fingernails. She loves to take care of her doll. Feeding it, putting blankets over it, and loving on it.
See what I mean by fluffy hair. Many times she'll take the pigtails out and her hair looks like this. Jordyn loves putting on my shoes and anyone's shoes for that matter. She also has a fetish with my purse, including my lipstick, wallet, cell phone, and GUM, which she pronounces as "num."
Jordyn loves her bath time. This is her funny face. She makes us laugh with the things she does and says on a daily basis.
You gotta love sunroofs. I took this picture driving 50mph w/ my hand out of the sunroof. It turned out pretty good.