Monday, April 30, 2012

Glad for a new week

This past week and weekend was kinda crazy. Jeff was gone for a few days. I had to pick someone up at the airport at 1am. Anything that conflicts with my sleep schedule is a huge sacrifice for me. I finally got over my sickness. I planned a ward carnival activity that was Friday night. I ran a 5K Saturday morning at 7am, and I had responsibilities for the Stake Women's Conference on Saturday. All this in addition to karate lessons, eye appts, watching a group of kids, and the constant worry about Jeff's job and our future.
The ward carnival was a lot of fun, at least for my family. We had a bounce house, face painting, someone to make the kids balloon swords, flowers, etc, fishing bond (w/ real fish), lots of races, pie eating contest, and other games. Jordyn caught one of the few real fish....and it's STILL ALIVE. I was surprised it lasted thru the night. She named him (I guess it's a boy) Super Power Boy. He chills in a vase. The pie eating contest seemed to be the hit of the party, at least for the adults. There's something funny (and a little disgusting) about seeing older people eat a pie as quickly as possible w/ their hands behind their backs.
The Stake women's Conference was awesome too. I haven't been in a stake that has had something like this. I was in charge of the setting up (tables and chairs) and the table decorations. The theme was "Choosing the better part" and so I put gumballs in vases and tin buckets w/ little signs that read, {chews}ing the better part. That's about as creative as I can get people. It wasn't too exciting, but it got the job done. I went to some neat classes: simplifying and finding balance in your life, romancing your sweetheart, and the power of the atonement.

Like I mentioned I ran the 5K Sat. morning. There were about 30 people that ran it. I'm not in running shape so I was shocked when I finished first. I'll take it though. I'm totally counting this as a first place finish, even though it wasn't a "race." I've never finished a race in first and I ran x-country in high school. If anyone is reading this that ran w/ me in HS you know just how pathetic I was. My only goal was "Don't come in last." Coming in first yesterday did wonders on my self esteem. You could've put me in a cage w/ a bunch of snakes I wouldn't have cried, okay....I probably really would have. But point being, coming in first made me feel like I could do anything for a few hours. I probably won't ever come in first in another race, so this will go down in my records' book for sure. I'm totally caught up with my sleep now, averaging 10 hours of sleep in the past 2 days.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

more soccer

Some pictures I took of the girls before their games. What ya see is what ya get. I love these pictures of the girls together. This first one is funny to me. Jordyn at the time refused to smile.

 Love this soccer player!

Her team was called the Ocean Blue Dolphins. She did great and enjoyed playing. We loved watching her games on Saturdays. left to right: alexandra, kyla, taila, sydney, quinn, jaydyn
Sydney's 1st trophy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1st tooth is out

On March 24, Sydney lost her bottom tooth. Her right one (of the two in the middle). It had been somewhat loose even in Hawaii. I had forgotten all about it until the day before it came out. She showed me how loose it was by pushing it forward w/ her tongue. That alone gets me queazy. The next day she decides she wants Jeff him to tie a string around her tooth and then tie that string to the door and have him slam the door shut. I'm not sure why she wanted to do it that way. I know I wouldn't, but she kept reassuring me that was the way she wanted to get it out. She had a lot of motivation too. The night before we ran into the school nurse and the school nurse said if she lost the tooth over the weekend she would still give her a tooth necklace that she usually only gives away when the student looses the tooth at school. Sydney was determined to get it out. We knew it wouldn't take much since it was so loose. We, correction Jeff, tied her tooth w/ string and then tied it to the door and WHAM, the tooth slid out from the string. This happened a few more times, until I suggested he use dental floss. Finally it worked, I got it on video tape. She didn't cry; just stared in the mirror at the empty space in her mouth and was cleaning the blood w/ tissue. The nurse gave her her tooth necklace and the tooth fairy gave her a dollar.

This is the same tooth fairy pillow my sister and I used when we were little. Now what do you do with your kids teeth? Keep them throw them away?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Surprise gift

The week of Easter was kinda emotional for me. For starters Jeff was having special work meetings all day and by the time he came home he ate and went to straight to bed. This means that by the end of the week, I am emotionally spent dealing w/ kids by myself all week. Secondly, I was busy that week w/ church commitments and my mom was on vacation and I pretty much didn't have the two closest people to talk to. Speaking of talking, which actually is about this post, I don't communicate all that well. It's always been a challenge; I tend to hold things in. I usually do because I think that whatever is bothering me at the moment is retarded to be bugging me and that I need to just get over it. Although that may be true, Jeff has reassured me that even though that may be the case, I need to get it off my chest or else it eats at me.
This week a surprise gift from my close friend, Kirsten, made me realize just how much my Heavenly Father knows me...more than I know myself. Things had been getting to me; stuff people had told me. I was feeling rather lonely and translucent. I hadn't subconsciously put those feelings into thoughts because I had been so busy that week and had done much for other people, I hadn't taken the time to be aware of myself and these feelings creeping inside of me. If I had, I would've told Jeff no matter how tired he was and I would've even prayed and communicated these subtle feelings. This particular Friday morning I had already been on the phone for a few hours dealing with people's crisis' and I had a fun Easter weekend ahead of me that required packing and cleaning.
My friend came and had this present for me...A QUILT. THAT SHE MADE. JUST FOR ME. ME. At the time, I didn't think anyone new I existed. Of course, I cried. I was in awe. Speechless almost. Words couldn't express to my friend just how much I needed this. I didn't know I needed it. Okay, I LOVE, LOVE the quilt, but I needed a little spoiling, confirmation, validation, reassurance, love, recognition that I matter; that someone cares about me. Very few people have made anything for me besides a plate of goodies (although I do enjoy a plate of goodies!). After she left, I prayed by my bedside and cried harder and longer having realized what had transpired....the feelings I had had w/o having realizing it. My heavenly father knew I was having these feelings, even though I didn't. He knew I needed reassurance that I was trying my best at my various commitments and He knew I needed a reminder that He knows me and loves me. This quilt represents more than a darling blanket that keeps me warm. To me it represents the love of a Heavenly Father who knows who I am and loves me enough to show/tell me through the talent of other people. I truly felt His love and am grateful for a friend who had the prompting and followed that prompting to make me a special gift. This will be an experience I will never forget.

A few months ago I asked if she would make me a cover for my scriptures. This is what she whipped up in a few hours with no pattern even. AMAZING. I love it. So many people have asked me about it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Part 2

For the rest of the week we continued our Easter devotionals with pictures, videos, and reading scriptures. When we taught about when the Savior washed the apostles feet, we let the girls wash each others feet in a basin so they could serve each other. Saturday morning we left for a surprise get away. Well I knew, but I didn't tell Jeff or the kids. We drove to Talkeetna (2 hrs north) and we stayed in a small cabin that night. Talkeetna is a small, vintage town, all of 800 residents. It's also known as the gateway to Mt. McKinley. The cabin was AWESOME!
It's called the "Lil Cabin in the back"

Up the ladder. There was another full bed where I was taking the picture.
downtown Talkeetna
In the lodge playing Candyland and drinking some hot chocolate.

It's what you imagine cabins really were like a long time ago but w/ electricity and an electric fireplace. There was a queen and twin bed and a ladder that led to a loft above w/ 2 full beds. The kids played up in the loft and climbed up and down the ladder for hours. The girls slept up there while Levi and Jeff and myself slept down the ladder. We walked inside this lodge/restaurant to use the restrooms. That evening we walked around the town and went to the historical museum and ate dinner. It started snowing that night so we went back in the cabin and a little while longer before the kids went to bed. In the morning we had discovered that we BROKE THE RECORD. Anchorage has had the snowiest winter since recording began..133.something inches. That was the big hype up here. I'm glad we broke it and that we were able to live through it; what an accomplishment. haha. In the morning we ate breakfast, had a little Easter egg hunt, and I gave the kids their own Sunday bag a friend whipped up for me. The girls loved it. We went to the Talkeetna branch which was a great experience. There were about 15 people and then us. They meet in a senior community place. No pews. A table w/ coffee stuff to the side, and we were staring at exercise equipment while the speaker taught. The people were very nice and we still managed to feel the Spirit. Great Easter week and weekend. I can't talk about Easter without mentioning my graditude for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter week Day 1&2

This year we're celebrating the week prior to Easter Sunday again. This past Saturday, the kids received some Easter goodies and this week we're focusing more on the events that took place prior to Christ's resurrection. Sunday we read about Jesus' Triumphal Entry in John 12:12-13, made palm branches, looked at the Gospel Art Kit picture (GAK 223), and watched the short clip of His triumphal entry in Jerusalem on Mormon Messages. We discussed the word "Hosanna" and I asked the kids what they would shout if they saw Jesus and Jordyn said, "I love you."

Monday: We (well Sydney) read from Matt 21:12-16 about the Cleansing of the Temple. We looked at the GAK 224 and discussed the scripture and picture. For the activity we made bread as family and discuss why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. Read John 6: 51. Gave one of the loaves of bread to a friend whose daughter was hospitalized.