Monday, January 26, 2009


The other day Sydney told me that Jordyn's diaper needed to be changed. She's usually right. So I laid Jordyn down with Sydney sitting next to me watching the process. I proceeded to open the diaper and all the sudden I totally freaked out and screamed when I saw a bug. When I realized it was fake I took a deep breath of relief, but Sydney on the other hand was laughing hysterically. She totally had set me up. I can't believe she thought of that. She's a little prankster and keeps me on my toes....HOURLY.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The ONE pounder

Our family went bowling with some friends the other day. This was Sydney's first time bowling. I think she enjoyed it...minus smashing her fingers between two bowling balls. She did pretty well with the gutter bumpers set up. I love those by the way. Her score was only 6 pins fewer than mine. That translates to me being a poor bowler. After this we ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger and that's when Jeff devoured a one pounder. It was a dare and he completed the task and then was still hungry and downed a banana milkshake. The difference between me and Jeff: he eats a one pound hamburger and gains 1 pound; if I ate a one pound hamburger I would gain like 5 pounds but look 4 months pregnant. Thus, I don't take on such dares.

By this point, the end, everyone was starving and crabby.
Sydney and her friend Abby watching the ball hit the pins.

Just a cute picture of Sydney.

After he ate the 1 lb. burger in seriously like 5 minutes they took a picture of him with this thing and hung it on a wall.
This is what it looked like before he devoured it. The bun did not come close to even cover the meat.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Stitches?

Last night, Jeff and I were all excited to put the kiddos to sleep and watch Biggest Loser together. Sydney was in her bed and wanted to say the prayer. Of course she can't just say a prayer kneeling on her bed or floor like me and Jeff. She always says it kneeling on her headboard of her bed. I'm not even sure how she does it considering her headboard is about 3 inches wide. And even while she prays she continues to move around like a monkey but that is normal for a 3 year old, right?....I'm not really sure. So while she is praying, we hear a big thud and instant crying. She fell off her bed somehow (my eyes were actually closed this time) and hit her forehead on the corner of her dresser; thus, sending her to the ER with bloody PJ's on. I stayed home because Jordyn was already asleep. I immediately moved the dresser by myself to the other side of her room, away from her bed. At one point, Jeff called me giving me an update and I hear him say, "I gotta go..... Sydney stop climbing around. You have to stay on my lap, " click and hangs up. Only Sydney has a head injury and continues to climb around like nothing happened. Now I'm determined to put her in gymnastics so she can swing, jump, flip, whatever her little body can do in a safe place for her to let off her dare-devilish...or clumsy tendencies.