Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sick Day

 I know it doesn't look like it but 4 out of 6 of us had strep so we couldn't go to church. Instead of going to church we decided to go to the Mesa temple for a picnic and then watch a video at the visitor's center.  Notice Sydney is in the tree. She ate her lunch there.  Jordyn and Macie sharing food.
 Macie wanted to join Sydney up in the tree but couldn't quite make it. The weather was perfect that day I remember. We had a very cool May than in years past. It was breezy and neither cold nor hot.

It was a great afternoon and we went to see our usually Family movie at the visitor's center.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Levi's preschool graduation

The time has come...Levi is graduating preschool and is gonna start Kindergarten in the fall [gasp!]
 He put his robe and hat on and came down the stairs with us at the bottom cheering and then I decorated a little and had a special dinner just for him. I made him a candy lei. I think that was his favorite!

 The next day Jeff and I went to his graduation. I love how this picture below turned out.
 Levi also had great year. His writing more clear. He loves math. His teacher was amazed that he can count to 1000 and can recognize numbers up to 1000 as well.
 Love this little guy like cRazY!!
 Levi's teacher, Ms. Mallory. She was so perfect for Levi and great with all the kids. Levi always received bonus points for following directions, staying on task, and having good behavior. That's my BOY!
 So proud of LEVI. After we treated him to some ice cream...just the 3 of us.

 Performing his musical numbers. They sang and signed the song....You Raise Me Up.

He can't wait to go to Kindergarten! Full day will be an adjustment and I will have to adjust not having him with me. I love hanging out with him and he is a big help to me too.

last day of school

Jordyn did so great this year. She grew by leaps and bounds with her reading and gained a lot of confidence with that. I worked with her teacher, Mrs. Morris as that was a concern for us earlier in the school year. Jordyn is a smart girl and oh so sweet!
Sydney is also a great student as she is very attentive and follows directions impeccably. 3rd grade started some girl drama on the playground and that sort of age appropriate stuff so we talk through that often.

These two when they are getting along are best friends. I really think that they are so different so that they don't make comparisons with one another. I hope they will appreciate the differences they have and compliment one another by having different personalities. Love them to pieces!!
Sydney had an end of the year school party. Swimming, Bahama Bucks, and......

Date night

 Jeff and I have been so good at date nights and it really is something I look forward to and treasure. After this month (May), I don't take for granted our relationship. I'm thankful we genuinely like to be together. I'm grateful we communicate. I'm grateful we allow and support each other to do hobbies without one another. I love that we do family things together--just the 6 of us. I'm thankful for Jeff's desire to make me and the kids happy.
 We've been working on getting initiators completed for a bunch of family names that were given to us.

Mother's day

He likes it when I sing to him. aww. He usually wants me to sing to him before bed.
Jordyn wrote this for me. I thought it was cute that she included all my friends and that she knows who they are.

 One of my requests for Mother's Day is getting a picture with each kid and then a group shot. That's all I want and they can't say no because it's mother's day:)

 They wanted to sit on top of our dresser. And that was the only way we were gonna get a picture of the 4 of them together.
Jeff was sweet and bought me some Spa treatments and of course required me to not clean, change diapers, cook, help with the kids, and I had to take a nap. It didn't need to twist my arm. He's such a great husband. I truly am blessed with a phenomenal husband and such great kids!!

Women's Conference

I've kinda been taking a lot of trips this year! This one was also planned for a long time. We decided to have a BYU roommate reunion for the first time. We all met up at BYU and went to Women's Conference. I had never been before. It was great!
 We stayed at Kassie's in-laws home by Mt.Timp HS. Alison picked me up from the airport and we were so excited and just chatting the whole time that we drove to Spanish Fork before realizing we passed our exit like 15 miles earlier.
 The last night we met with Charlotte and Melissa and ate dinner and hung out with them for a bit. We mostly talked and caught up when we weren't in classes. It was fun to be on campus, to be together, to go to our old apartment, and to reminisce. For example, alison remembering that I worked at Brick Oven for a short time but quit because they wanted me to wear more makeup! haha. Totally forgot about that. We all remembered stuff that each other forgot about.
 Oh yeah and the talks were good too:) I came home and was inspired to fast every Sunday in the month of May. That was great and when the month was over I felt that I was closer to the spirit and it was a good thing I did because 2 friends really needed me and I felt that I was spiritually grounded and could be a good friend.

Jordyn's print job

 Jordyn was a model for Best Western hotel for a print ad. She earned $150 for 3 hours work. Technically it was about 20 minutes of real work-following the director's instructions.
 She was so excited for the "wardrobe" and "makeup" part!
 Here were her fake parents. She was so happy and did a wonderful job!! As you can imagine she told everyone about this. It would be cool to see what they use it for.


The last time we did our own landscaping, trimming trees and bushes. It took us 2 days; I think 8 hours. We saw a scorpion and dead bird, kids got poked with thorns, and we collected 23 HUGE bags. Lots of tears, whining, sweat, and blood. The next week we hired someone.

Girls overnight

So glad I have great friends that I've met since moving to AZ!! We all run and workout together and have so fun being together. We stayed a night at a nice resort in Scottsdale. That night we ate at Olive and Ivy (so yummy! a real left restaurant). Did some shopping, celebrated mine and Becca's birthday, and then dancing at night.

 In the mall shopping we came across this photo booth and I suggested we take some pictures. They were so awesome, we did it a second time. Every time I look at them it makes me laugh!

Just so great that our husbands are supportive and watched our kids so we could take a break. It was fun to be together and not be running or exercising. We'll be doing this again!