Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Trampoline

We ordered this smaller and shorter version of a trampoline to put in our basement. I'm hoping it will allow the girls to burn some energy this winter. We got it in the mail the day Jeff left to New York for a week. I mustered up the energy to tackle putting this beast together. It's suppose to take two people to assemble. I wanted to surprise Jeff and do it myself hoping that after 7 years of marriage I could "impress" him still. The hardest part was putting the springs on the frame. I did it and was so glad when that part was over. An hour later I realized I messed up somewhere. Some of the instructions were ambiguous; I had to take the springs off, fix the problem, and put the springs back on. Another couple hours later and in need of a shower, the beast was put together correctly. I DID IT. It was an accomplishment for me. I made Sydney tell me I was the best mom ever before she and Jordyn jumped their hearts out. Here are a few short video clips.
P.S. (what does that stand for?) I wish I could mute my voice.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"up shut"

Of course these pictures got all out of whack. Here is a great cheesy smile from Sydney. Usually her eyes are closed in pictures.
Jordyn: When I tell her it's time to go to bed she closes her eyes to "hide" like she did in this picture.
Sydney her first day of preschool. Notice she is smiling, but her eyes are closed. Stubborn little girl.
Sydney and I on a date to see the broadway show of "Lion King." We both loved it. It was fabulous! Hmmm, another picture of Sydney smiling w/ her eyes closed, at least with her I don't have to worry about red eye.
And for all those who wonder what I look like 15 weeks along, her is an ordinary picture in ordinary clothes w/ a smile hiding my true thoughts, "Why am I doing this to myself. I could've at least tried to look pretty by wearing cuter clothes and put on some makeup."

A few updates to our lives. This is Sydney licking her lollipop. Like Gammie, like granddaughter. My mom has talented toes. She can tie someone's shoes w/ her toes and strike a match w/ her toes and it looks like Sydney has inherited the same toe agility gene as her Gammie.
"Termination Dust." This is a phrase used here. I had never heard of it until now. Termination dust is the end of summer because there is a light covering of snow on top of the mountains. This picture was taken from our street.
The trees in our backyard. Summer has ended and fall has arrived. The trees are turning yellow. When the wind comes up, it appears like it's raining leaves as they all fall to the forest's ground. These trees are in our backyard.
Another picture of our backyard....the ground. I love to see the different colors of yellow, green, brown, and red.
Just another great picture. A few weeks ago all these trees were green. The change has come quickly and soon enough these trees will be barren and the mountains will be covered in snow. More great pictures to come.
This is a side note to my blog. This morning I was singing rather loudly and obnoxiously when Sydney told me to stop several times. I ignored her and kept singing. Finally she said, "Mom I have two words for you....UP SHUT." I told her I had two words for her, "Time Out." I'll have to once again ban some of those disney movies w/ those "bad words."