Sunday, June 10, 2018

girls camp, Peace in Christ

It was my first girls camp since I was a youth and it was Sydney's first girls camp ever. We were both excited to go. We left early on Wednesday morning and drove right to the temple and then to dinner and the Mormon Battalion. The temple of course was so nice. i hadn't seen the baptismal font before, or at least it didn't look familiar to me. Jeff took the kids beach camping at the same beach too but was far away from our campsite. Thursday morning we went kayaking at La Jolla. I almost didn't go because I knew the water would be cold and I knew I would be freezing for the 90 minute tour. I decided buck up and do it especially after I heard we were gonna kayak to some sea caves. I went and got wet and was cold, but seeing the dolphins close to us and experiencing the sea caves was worth it. I learned that it's worth being a little uncomfortable at times to enjoy life and in this case to enjoy some of God's creations. Some of the girls got sea sick and sun burned. We had lunch and then spent some time at the beach there. We drove back to our campsite, went to the beach, made a sand art craft and then dinner and games. On Friday we hiked at Torrey Pines close to La Jolla, ate lunch there and then drove to our service project which was pulling weeds at a homeless shelter. We were hot and so excited to get to the beach after. I got in the water and got a wave on a surf board and went boogie boarding even. The girls loved this. We had a guest speaker, dinner, and our testimony meeting. I forgot what testimony meetings are like at girls camp and guess what it's the same from what I remember when I was a youth. I got to know one of the other leaders, Candice, really well. I think my favorite part was getting to know people a lot better. Because we had long conversations. At church and mutual you don't have much time to have really in depth conversations, so this was my favorite part of camp. WE got home Saturday evening and had Stake Conference today and everyone is writing in their journal right now, a new Sunday tradition.

Monday, May 14, 2018

jorydn update

4th grade has been so great for you. Last year in 3rd grade, your teacher was Mrs. Wright. Although she was the nicest and sweetest teacher and person, she had a rough class to put it mildly. I believe you suffered from this. You didn't like school and it affected your outlook. You were very negative, emotional, and blamed others. I also think you felt like you didn't have control over things and I've learned that you like to have some control of your environment. So I took you to counseling. The counselor was great and worked with both of us. She talked you through how to deal with disappoint and expectations and having control over your feelings. We took a break over the summer and when 4th grade started, I kept a good eye on you, but I never felt like you needed to go back. You had new teachers, you had a regular schedule that was a routine and you thrived. I also learned that you like routine and you like having a schedule. Having a schedule I think makes you feel secure in your life. So, long story short. YOU have been amazing this year and your behaviors have improved dramatically. You discovered that reading before bed calms you and helps you fall asleep. You've gotten straight A's and earned the principal list every quarter. I'm so proud of you Jordyn. This was a trail that you had to work through. You're still learning, but you've come so far and I know you have gained self confidence and life lessons with this trial.
You've participated in piano, basketball, swim, another 10K, and activity days. You love being around people. Your good friends are Ava and Miya. You are thoughtful and have a lot of love in your heart. You also play with the Moncurs outside a lot. Last summer you did Raddish Kids for 6 months. It was a subscription to a cooking box. Every month a box came with 3 different recipes and you made it all. You love slime and squishies. You also like to read. You keep our family laughing with random things you say and do. You started doing your own laundry when you turned 10. Washing, drying, folding and putting away. You also just got a new room, you finally got a dresser and we painted your room purple.
A few months ago you shared an experience with me....A girl wasn't being that nice and you said you prayed about it and you had a feeling that the Spirit told you to ignore the girl and just be pleasant with her but not engage in the mean things she said. I thought that was very mature of you to recognize that. The Jordyn last year would have dwelled on the mean things and this Jordan prayed about it and then acted on the prompting you received. The next week you guys were friends again. You're becoming into a beautiful, intelligent, and mature young lady. WE love you immensely!
***just found out today you won Treasurer for next year. Last year you applied to Student Council and didn't get it. You were sad. I was proud when you decided to try again for Student Council and you wanted to be the Treasurer. You wrote a speech and presented it to teachers. A few days later, I couldn't wait to find out when you got off the bus. I texted one of the teachers and asked if she would tell me. She told me you got it and I was so happy for you. I called dad first to tell him the good news. When you got off the bus, I had congratulation balloons and a swig cookie to greet you with. It was a great day!

sydney update

Sydney is officially out of primary and in Young Women. She was super excited to move on. There are a lot of girls in Beehives. Your leaders are Sis. Rigby, Sis. Steele, Sis. Curtis, and Sis. Huso. You participated in volleyball against other wards in the Stake. You have already given a talk in Sacrament. You were nervous but did great and you didn't even seem nervous. You have gone to the temple many times already at the Gilbert and Mesa Temple. This will be your first girls camp. You made and sewed 9x13 hot pads to sell to earn money for camp. I helped a lot and oversaw. You sold them for $10 each.
You started a new school, EPA. You get out of school at 12:30 on Wednesdays and you don't have gym so you and I have had a lot of fun going out to lunch or shopping, going to the temple, and running errands and other things. Your teachers are Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Hoffman. We haven't been too impressed with your teachers. You seem to miss your friends at Quartz Hill so you decided, with a lot of prayer and fasting, that you will attend South Valley in the fall. You'll still get out at 1 and go to the gym.
Gymnastics is still a major part of your life. You competed in Level 7 this year. You did some traveling this year to Disneyland Hotel and Colorado Springs. You had a solid season. You acquired many new skills, most of which I don't know.....i'll try...some flick flicks, layouts, toe hand, giants, to name a few. You're dedication to the sport is inspiring. You work hard and give 100% every day. Your strength workouts are hard and I usually pick you up sweaty and red in the face. Your gymnastic friends are Kaylee and Kenzie. You guys have slumber parties and hang out outside of the gym. The three of you are signed up for another camp at SUU this summer.
Your hair is really long. You love a clean house and room. You're still very tidy and organized. You don't like to cook. In your spare time you like to make the perler bead creations, play with slime, and watch gymnastic videos and shows. You're very responsible and you make dad and I very proud!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

lauren update

my update: my update is a lot of the usual....chauffering kids to their various activities, and trying my best to keep up with a tidy and organized home, being a supportive wife, and being a mom that loves, teaches, and supports each kid. Now that I think a little bit about it. Some things I've done the past year are: making a cactus quilt with the Classy Quilters. I also sewed Levi a CTR quilt for his baptism.
Mom, Brooke, and I went to New Orleans for Brooke's 40th birthday. We had a lot of fun. My highlight I think was touring around at the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and walking around seeing all the neat colors of the old homes.
The beginning of the year I got released as primary chorister, which was a neat calling in that I learned to be aside my weaknesses and insecurities and bring to the table my strengths. So most Sundays, I was creative and made it fun, interesting, and engaging. My new calling is in YW as a mia maid advisor. I do love going to Sunday school to learn and watch Jeff teach and I love that i don't have to be "ON" every sunday like I was as a primary chorister.
In February I competed in my first Spartan Race. It was a "sprint" 4 miles and 25 obstacles. It was definitely challenging but a lot of fun to be pushed and physically challenged. I did it with Janet.
The past year we've slowly been updating our home. We've gotten new carpet, repainted, painted the piano, took out cabinets and put in floating shelves, new couches, and I think that's most of it. I love the changes we've made!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

jeff update

I thought I would go through each person and give an update. Jeff just got home from a boy's weekend with his childhood friend Jon. They went dirt biking. Jeff got a new dirt bike/motorcycle in January. He took a class to learn how to ride a motorcycle with his boss from Pfizer. After he did go on a day trip with his boss and a guy who taught this motorcycle class. Anyway he's enjoyed having a motorcycle and hopes to do more dirt trails. Back to this trip, Jon and Jeff then flew to Catalina. They rented a 2 person plane and Jon flew them over. They camped, looked at the sunset and sunrise. Jon lost his phone the next morning and due to that the day in Catalina got cut short. Jeff then visited family and drove home the next day. Speaking of family, Katherine had a baby boy in March, Sterling Knox. He was in NICU at CHOC hospital for about a month. They discovered he has cystic fibrosis. Now they are home and Jeff went to visit them and meet Sterling.
Jeff got a new calling the beginning of the year. He is the Gospel Doctrine teacher and he's teaching from the New Testament. Although very intimidated at first, he's doing great. He a great balance of being engaging, informative, enthusiastic and many people have been complimentary about his teaching style. Best thing, is that he's learning a lot about the New Testament.
In February we flew to Lubbock for the annual Bahama Buck's meeting. Jeff was part of a panel. We also won highest inline sales and we got the platinum award. Sales above 750K in a calendar year (and we opened in March so that says a lot).
The end of February Jeff competed in his 3 marathon. It was his first one in Phoenix. He shaved off 11 minutes and got a PR 3 hours 14 minutes. He did so well! He trained consistently and gave it his all with each workout. This time he had a coach.
In February and March he did our annually hiring, interviewing, and training of new employees at Bahama Bucks. So Jeff works hard everyday, 7 days a week. Being a great dad, dedicated and involved boss with Bahama Bucks, working with Pfizer, his time with his calling, and taking care of his health staying in shape, I was happy to give him a long weekend to do something fun and take off from his typical duties.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan 15th, 2017

Today was fast Sunday. I fasted for Jordyn. To understand how to connect with her emotionally and understand how she thinks and of course steer her in the right direction with hobbies and talents. Sydney and Jordyn fasted to. Tonight after we had our family scripture study, Sydney was concerned about helping the need and suggested we as a family help out with Feed my Starving Children again. So sweet of her to think of others. We went rollerblading together today and tonight I also enjoyed watching Sydney and Jordyn work together to make brownies. I'm grateful when I see my kids get along and enjoy each other as friends!!

Jan. 14th, 2017

Levi and Jordyn had basketball games. It's so fun to watch them play. They both try their best and I love to see them learn every time. Aunt Tricia came to visit while she is in town with Nathan and Sarah. They saw our store, enjoyed Bahama Buck's and then we went to the Gilbert Temple. We walked around the Gilbert Temple. It was nice to take the kids. It's been awhile since the kids have gone. It was a perfect day too because we got to enjoy a rainbow while we were there. I'm grateful to see those beautiful creations with my family.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Jan. 13th, 2017

Jordyn wrote Sydney a really thoughtful note. She was excited to give it to Sydney and Sydney was genuinely grateful for the gesture. Macie made me a picture of a rainbow and told me she wrote my name on it too, "OOM". I love being a mom. Feeling sore from getting back to lifting weights. My legs have been sore for 3 day straight now. I love being warm. I love my bed and waking up nice and warm in the mornings. I'm grateful that I sleep well at night in my cozy bed.

Jan 12th, 2017

Levi "Dad, did they have bikes when you were a kid?"
Macie "Mom, why are you hicking up?" Have the hick ups
Jordyn "Are Mormons allowed to wear man-kinis?"
Grateful for the funny things they say and even more grateful for the cute prayers given.

Jan. 11th, 2017

Redirected myself with my nutrition. The goal is to view food as a way to fuel my body to function properly. As mentioned previously, I hope my daily desire to Seek God will fuel my spirituality and soul. Grateful that Sydney talks to me and confides with me.