Saturday, March 29, 2014

bahama buck's

Our first drive-thru paying customer
 Our VIP night was on St. Patrick's Day. Some neighbors came to get some free SNO.
 Yes, even missionaries came.

 We make our own snowballs and had customers throw snowballs at a target. I can get the best of both worlds: warm weather and snow!
 Sydney helping out giving free samples to people.
 Really, really excited teenagers that wanted their picture taken.
 Showing us the cool spoons that change color when it's cold and our friends from church. Inside we have games customers can play at the table and something called Rockbot, pretty much an app that allows people to play music they pick (kinda like a virtual jukebox). Teenagers love it. They can give thumbs up or down to other songs people in the store have picked. It's pretty fun.
 I love this last picture. Everyday our bike rake is full of people who have ridden their bike to the store and skateboards too.  Our outdoor patio is on the left. We have a ring game people play, outside music, ceiling fans, and misters for the hot summer days ahead.
Now that we've been open for a 10 days, we're getting more and more competent and confident. We look forward in 2 weeks when one of the trainers, Madi moves here to be our GM. That was such a blessing that fell from heaven and landed right on our laps! The first week, our crazy spring break week, Jeff and I both had our moments of breakdowns and anxiety attacks, but now things are looking up and we have HOPE. Hope is such a beautiful feeling. It's different than hoping to win the lottery. Hope is a feeling of peace and comfort that has come after exercising faith and knowing that things will be okay because the Lord is mindful of you. I'm grateful for friends and family that have helped us along the way with this adventure.

Levi's birthday

Yes, Levi did have a birthday and a party even though it was a hectic time for us. We had his friends over from play group: the neeley boys, rigby boys, marin, moncurs, and spencer. We played pin the nose on the dinosaur and painted a ceramic animal, played, and had lunch, cake, and then opened presents. 
 Levi specifically asked for an "L" cake with m&ms and cupcakes with green frosting so this was my creation:)
 I love his reaction. He was so excited to have his birthday be all about him.

 opening presents. lots of cool toys: nerf gun, lego sets, hulk, angry bird game, jake and the never-ending pirate game, and bubbles.
 He has a tongue-thing going on in these pictures.
Levi's favorite colors are in order: green, orange, and then blue. He's a smart kid, quick learner, easy-going, well-behaved, loves puzzles and playing games, climbing, jumping, playing soccer, wrestling, Woody-wood pecker show, and now he allows me to give him a hug and kiss at night. For a long time it was strictly "high five" ONLY. We love this kid!
Levi weighs 36.5 lbs (54%ile) and is 41.1 inches tall (66%ile). He got 3 shots and I was totally shocked that he didn't even bat an eye. He took it like a champ.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bahama Buck's is opening!

The day has finally come. It's scary, exciting, scary, and more scary. I'm scared because I didn't know how everything would pan out-like the employees making product, getting product out to customers, managing it, making money (I'm so sick of writing checks and swiping our credit card), but now that's we've had our VIP night and our grand opening day is about to end in 45 minutes, I'm feeling confident, hopeful, and excited, only a little scared now.
 A few weeks ago we had all our employees over for dinner and get to know you games. They all seem very nice and excited. Last week corporate trainers came to set up the store and train the employees. With each passing day, I could see how things were gonna work out and knew everything would be okay. Last night we had our VIP night. We gave employees to family and friends. We opened from 5-9 and served about 550 products for free. The mayor even showed up. The line was out the door and down the street. I know one woman waited 1 hour and 5 min. in line. There were a ton of people and everyone was nice considering the long wait. It was great practice for our "Avalanche Crew."
 I'm excited for the building to be done, I'm excited for the bank to pay off construction people and other people off, I'm excited to focus on just sales, customers, and employees without all that other stuff to worry about. Jeff has slept very little and has been extremely stressed OUT! He's worked so hard to achieve this, and I'm happy for him and for us.

 See I did help out a little bit.
I'll post more pictures of our outside patio and signs. We've had a lot of good and positive feedback. My personal goal is that this can be an establishment that the community can count on for good product and getting together in a fun, family, and friendly environment and a hangout place for teens.

Phoenix Half

On March 1st I ran my 1st half marathon with Becca, Jen, and Annie. We left at 4 am. I had trained for a several months. We ran our long runs together. I felt good going into it. I didn't have any goals, in term of time. I didn't want to stop to walk. I guess that was my goal. I knew I wouldn't though because I had ran 12 miles and didn't. The morning of was 100% chance of rain. It rained before the race while we were waiting and with 20 mph winds. I was freezing, like teething chattering freezing. My socks were wet before I started running. I really just wanted to take a warm bath and crawl back into a warm bed. The race went well once I started and started to warm up. All of us ended up having different paces. The weird thing for me is that I truly enjoyed the race, which probably means I could've pushed harder. When I passed an older person like in their 60's or 70's, I'd encourage them (kinda unlike me to talk to a stranger), so I knew I was feeling really good. I ended the 13.1 miles in 2 hours 6 minutes. If I run another one, I'll probably train a little harder so I can beat the 2 hour mark. My recovery was good too. I was sore the next day but I think it was because I was sprinting the last few hundred yards. I was pretty excited to take my socks and shoes off right after the race, because my socks had been wet for 3 hours. My toes were left white and wrinkly from my wet socks from the rain and puddles.

11 months

11 months and she's clapping, taking a few steps, but I don't declare she's "walking" yet.
 "Patty cake, patty cake......"
 I think she's an adorable girl with the cutest squeal. I love her dearly!

 She loves her big brother and he is such a fantastic big brother too.

 Oh yeah, and just like my other kiddies--she doesn't stay still for long. She's always on the go and is climbing up stairs, chairs, and anything else her body allows.
 Her hair is getting longer. The back of her hair is starting to curl but the front part is straight. I left a week before she turned 11 months to Hawaii. My plan was to start weaning her from nursing but she wouldn't have it and I didn't want to stress about so long story short, she's still breast feeding with formula too. This is the longest I've breast fed.
We all adore her and love watching her hit milestones.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Madness

This post has nothing to do with basketball but everything to do with MY March Madness. Here's the breakdown of my March:
March 1-Phoenix half marathon
               temple cultural celebration Jeff was involved with
              company here for the weekend

March 2-Gilbert Temple Dedication

March 4-Suns NBA basketball game

March 7-Levi's 4th birthday party 9-12am
              Bahama Buck's employee party 4-7pm

March 10-Levi's birthday

March 11-15th-orientation and training Avalanche Crew
                       -Kid's spring break

March 14-my birthday

March 17-VIP night at Bahama Buck's 5-9

March 18-Grand Opening of Bahama Buck's

March 27-Macie's 1st birthday

March 30-family visiting for a week

Hoping we survive March Madness!