Friday, March 27, 2009

Syd's first haircut

SYDNEY'S 1st haircut
This is the final product. I'm working backwards here. Yes Sydney finally got her first haircut and she's 3 now. She has curly hair and so I never realize how long it actually is and how uneven and dry the ends were. We went to this cute place for kids called "Lollilocks." Sydney loved sitting on the pink elephant and talked this lady's ear off.
This is always my favorite part of getting my haircut. Sydney was indifferent.

This is just a picture of Sydney in front of our "For Sale" sign. Speaking of our house on the market, I'll be glad when the house doesn't have to be cleaned in 15 minutes because people are wanting to go through it. We did purchase a house in Eagle river, AK, about 15 minutes from Anchorage. So now we just need to sell this one.....QUICKLY.
This is Sydney in her gymnastics outfit. She LOVES going to gymnastics to hang upside down on the rings, do flips on the bars, walk backwards on the beam, or just to jump on the trampoline and other things. She has learned quite a bit in the few short months and will be sad when I tell her that she won't be going for awhile, until we find something in Alaska.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Yesterday morning was a little overwhelming. I will try and paint the picture. I was standing in an all white operating room wearing a white jumper and blue shower cap on my head looking down at Sydney whose eyes started to roll back. My eyes became glossed over with tears that I couldn't see. I gently kissed her on the cheek and longed to see her awake again. 

Sydney got her adnoids removed and tubes placed in her ears. I know it's a frequent procedure but I will always have that reaction when I see my child be put to sleep. Sydney has been a big snore(er), girl with many ear infections and illnesses, and recently she started placing toys next to her ear (that was the straw that broke the camel's back) and I went to see an ENT. He saw fluid in her ear (big surprise) and suspected she had large adnoids. So we set up the procedure rather quickly since we'll be gone soon.  Once the swelling goes down, I should notice results--no more snoring or apnea-type symptoms. Since yesterday she has not said, "Can you turn it up? What? or Louder." The ENT doctor guesses the enlarged adnoids were blocking 75-90% of her air passage and that the fluid was so thick that it would have never drained by itself.  I'm glad the procedure is done and breathed a sigh a relief when Sydney woke up an hour later and was begging to climb and jump of this huge rock outside the hospital.

On a side note, on Sunday Syd bore her testimony in sacrament for the first time. She brought it up to me when she saw my friend bear her testimony. I told her if she really wanted to go up there (I wanted to make sure the desire was there because I didn't want her  to go up just to breathe heavily in the mic) she needed to find Jeff (he was in the hall with Jordyn). My other motive was then I wouldn't have to go up with her....Jeff would:) So she went up with Jeff and said this all by herself, "Jesus loves me. Jesus fixes my toys. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I doubt anyone else could understand her; she was close to the mic and was breathing heavy. It was still so cute to me and cute that she was so proud of herself. I love Sydney (and Jordyn).