Sunday, July 27, 2014

Macie and Levi

Wanted to create a post just about Macie and Levi. Macie has a recent obsession: JEFF. She lives with me during the day, but when Jeff comes home, I'm chopped liver. She hears the garage door open and starts walking to it as fast as her little legs will let her while saying, "dada" over and over. I swear I stopped breast feeding her and she is no longer clingy to me. Jeff's now taken that spot. Oh well, I guess I'll cook dinner, empty the dishwasher, play games with the others, etc
 Here we were walking around an outdoor shopping mall. She just loved walking around, exploring the water fountain, sitting on benches, climbing and walking on the walls, whatever. She gotten some molars, is starting to get into books finally, swimming, and going on walks.
 Levi learned to swim on his own this summer. He wasn't in any lessons. Last summer he was close but this summer he's mastered it. He is still a very happy, easy going, well-behaved, little guy. Loves his puzzles. Found him doing another puzzle upside down. He's also very helpful around the house. Whenever Jeff and I start cleaning and tell the kids to, Levi is right on top of it. We never have to ask him twice. He volunteers to vacuum the stairs and sweep the garage. Such a great kid.
 Here we were at the puppy store and the kids all loved this little guy. They're starting to beg for a puppy. I've been telling them we'll start thinking about it when Macie is potty trained.  Levi went to a summer camp at his preschool. His reading is coming along too. School is starting in a week in a half?! crazy. Happy and sad feelings from this mommy.

1 week - - - 3 performances

 On Sunday July 13th, Sydney performed a number in church. She played a verse of I Am A Child of God on her violin and then sang the first verse of the song without her violin. Sis. Hill, her violin teacher, accompanied her on the piano. She did amazingly well. A little nervous before hand. She nailed it. Her hard work and practice paid off. After sacrament, she enjoyed the dozens of praises.
 The following Wednesday Sydney and Jordyn had the championship swimmeret that they had to qualify to be a part of. Jordyn did great. Her form on the breaststroke improved. She got 1st in breaststroke and 2nd in Butterfly.  The competition was 4 or 5 other swim teams. This is her friend, Sophie, that we carpooled with in the mornings.

Sydney competed in the 25Y breaststroke, 50Y freestyle, and 100Y Individual Medley (1 lap of each stroke). She got 12th in breaststroke, 3rd in the freestyle, and 6th in the IM race. We were so proud that her times improved in all 3 races from just the week before. I was amazed at her stamina in the IM. 4 laps is not easy and she did that literally right after she swam the 50Y freestyle. She had little time to rest from that race. So happy my girls did their best and were happy with giving their all!

 3. A few days later, on Saturday, Sydney had her first gymnastics competition. There were no judges or scores for this one. They just wanted the level 3 girls to get an idea of what a competition would look and feel like. She did great on each apparatus. Her favorite is the floor and least favorite is the beam. She's a few practices away from getting her back handspring down.

Lots of confidence, smiles, medals, and ribbons, achievement were felt this week.

July 4th

It was nice to have a 4 day weekend for the 4th of July. One of the days Jeff took the kids to see How to Train a Dragon 2. On Friday, the 4th, we had a ward breakfast, raising of the flag, and parade. It was a cool, cloudy morning only in the 90's.
 Jordyn enjoying a tour of the firetruck
 All the kids like to decorate their bikes for the parade.
 That afternoon some friends invited us for swimming, a BBQ, and fireworks at their home.

I love Levi with his snorkel goggles on before he goes down the water slide. He has become a self-sufficient swimmer now!