Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 I wanted to write some funny things she's said recently.
1. She handed me some shoes my sister borrowed and said, "Smell these. They'll remind you of Aunt Brooke." ummm.....no thanks.
2. "These mosquito bites are driving me CRAZY. Why do they have to like me so much?"
3. She wanted to bear her testimony at church on Sunday. I told her she should tell me what she's gonna say before she walks up there. Her response as she's leaving the pew to walk up to the podium, "No. I'll figure it out."
4. Her pet fish, Super Power Girl mysteriously went down the bath tub drain. She was inconsolable for a good 10 minutes. Sitting on the steps she said very sincerely, "my heart [sob, sob] is broken."

Jordyn is hilarious and funny. She doesn't know it either which makes it more funny. She can also drive me to my breaking point too. She can be very stubborn and adamant about things. Her voice is LOUD. We often tell her she doesn't need to talk so loud. She is extremely sweet, tender hearted, and loving. I love her soft, warm cheeks in the morning. I love her dimples when she smiles. I like that she doesn't bite her nails like me and Sydney do. I love how her hair is ratty and in her face in the morning. Although brushing it out is another story. I love to hear her sing, dance, laugh, pray, and tell stories. We love Jordyn Marie.