Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grandma Nita

This morning Jeff's Grandma, and the kids great grandma passed away and left this earth to join Heavenly Father and her other family.  She died of heart failure and her posterity are missing her absence already. This was the last picture of a family get together at Timmy's house last week to celebrate her 82nd birthday.
 Jeff of course has many memories of her that he should write down in this post (wink, wink, elbow, elbow Jeff) but I'll always remember her soft, soothing voice. Her voice alone told you how caring, loving, and a kind person she was to all. She always seemed excited to visit with us and the kids. Down below is a picture of her meeting Macie for the first time. Unfortunately Macie was all outta sorts and pretty much cried the entire time. But Grandma Nita was understanding, patient, and even dared to hold this very tired baby. Being the sweet-tooth person I am, I will miss her baking skills. I loved her frosting! She was very considerate in remembering our birthdays and always giving us birthday cards and a little gift in the mail despite us moving around so many times. She blessed our lives and we're grateful the kids had an opportunity to meet a great grandparent and really remember her.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

halloween 2013

The night before Halloween we carved pumpkins. 

 Levi chose to be Captain America. He had his costume a month in advance and that was all he talked about.
 Jordyn narrowed her choices down and wanted to be an Indian girl.  Down below is her Indian pose.

 We had a big group of kids we trick-or-treated with around the neighborhood. After we trick-or-treated we passed out candy on our driveway with our firepit. Most families do that around here. It's a lot of fun. The kids got a bunch of candy. Sydney got 168 pieces.

 Our little bumble bee. She enjoyed trick-or-treating in her stroller watching the kids run to each house.

 The 5 of us. I dressed up as Vanna White because Sydney was a million dollar and bankrupt wedge from Wheel of Fortune. She really likes that show and the app on Jeff's phone:) I tried to get Jeff to put on his suit to be Pat Sajak but he didn't want to get back into this work clothes.
 I threw this costume together in about 5 minutes and dared to put this dress on. I wore this dress last in 1997 for my high school prom. I remembered it cost me only $15. Random memory.

This is a scary group of munchkins on several levels.

7 months

Last Sunday, Macie turned 7 months. She is very mobile, crawling around everywhere now. We're having to shut doors so she doesn't crawl into them. She also just started to stand up in her crib when I get her from a nap. I know she must be strong because she is a tall and thick little chub. Her hair is starting to grow out. She's eating more baby food. I'm still nursing. No new teeth. She got her first cold. The runny nose and eye boogies but no fever or ear infection. She brightens our life and we love her dearly!

 planking and upward dog. she looks a lot cuter than when I do those moves:)
 I love that chub above her knee!