Monday, June 27, 2011

all about Jeff

Today is Jeff's birthday and I haven't posted about Father's day so this post is all about Him. In fact saturday night I had to remind him his birthday was coming up. He's not anti-aging or anything it's just not a huge deal for him. On father's day I let him sleep in and I was going to make breakfast in bed but just as I was getting his plate ready to take upstairs he came down so he had breakfast on the couch. I got him (and Levi) matching ties. I know it's kinda cheesy, but I have to take advantage cuz he won't be going along with the whole Sadie Hawkins, dress like dad for many more Father's days. I couldn't resist how cute of the idea and it really was cute in person. The ward went all out and during the last 15 min. of church the men went in the cultural hall to eat pies, receive and wear "king of the day" crowns (thanks primary), and bow ties made of M&M bags.
Today Jeff worked so to me that's always a buzz kill when you have to work on your birthday, but since b-days are just another day to him he didn't mind so much. He of course got lots of phone calls, new roller blades (he ordered them online) and didn't have anything to open from us (another buzz kill in my book. I want presents. I wanna open something. I sound like a spoiled brat now. Okay it doesn't have to be much just unwrapping something is exciting). He did get great literary books from my mom that he requested, and his family comes Wednesday night. We made him a cake and for fhe we looked at his baby book, told stories (he informed me that his nickname in scouts was JD: Juvenile Delinquent. mmm. nice to know now and not 9 years ago when we were dating), and then we started working on the rock wall we're putting up in our house. I'm glad he's had some good days recently. I think he deserves it. We adore him. We wish he never left for work and we run to the door when he comes home from work.
made him this too.

Levi eating his cake and looks like he's wondering "what's so fascinating about eating cake." yeah, we gave him a haircut last night.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

little mermaid

The night before we left to Las Vegas to fly home, we went to see the production of Little Mermaid at the Tuachan Theatre in St. George. If you live anywhere in Utah, Nevada, or CA you must see it. One of the neat things is that it's an outdoor theatre. The sets, costumes, and real water were ahh-mazing. Seriously, real water filled the entire stage. It's late at night but Sydney and other small children were fascinated the entire time even though it was 11:30 pm when it ended. Of course two minutes in the car, Sydney had fallen fast asleep.

Sydney made me stand w/ her and Prince Eric and Ariel

The next day we drove to Vegas and stayed the night there before our flight left the next morning. We tried to see the pirate show at treasure island but it closed due to winds, we saw the Bellagio fountains and enjoyed that while standing next to some piligs. I think it was 1 man w/ 4 wives, and we went swimming and shopping. At 8:30pm the sun had set and it was 103 degrees. It felt so nice! I love warm weather. The two flights home were exhausting but it would be even if I were by myself. Levi had 5 dirty diapers that day (that's never happened before), Jordyn cried off and on the whole time wishing we could go back to Gammie and Grandpa's house, and Sydney was an angel so 1 out of 3 is not too bad :) I always enjoy the comments and stares when people see me travel w/ 3 young kids.

I can pretend it's Paris, right?

The pirates-the girls made me stand w/ them too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sew fun

We've done more four wheeling, more swimming, more playing, more riding horses, more cow feeding, and I've managed to squeeze some time to actually sew some projects. I rarely sew because I just find it impossible w/ 3 kids by my side wanting to "help." Believe me, I've tried and nothing gets done and I end up frustrated. But since I'm at my mom's house, I can actually sew during the day while the girls are outside or with my parents and they've been going to bed early w/ all the activities throughout the day. Plus, I have my mom to lead me in the right direction and ask questions. Sewing is complex in many ways. I've learned it takes a special sense of visualization that I often lack. Well I wanted to make the girls each a blanket and an apron. I'm stoked w/ how the aprons turned out, mostly because they're reversible and I love the ball thingies I put on them.Yes, I've been wanting to make these silk flower clips. I love them, because they're quick and easy and they don't have to be perfect. Does that make me a sloppy, lazy crafter? mmm.

The purple ones are one apron.

The pink ones are another apron, reversible.

Some more pictures of what we've been up to.
climbing trees
climbing poles. Levi is a psycho climber just like Sydney. He climbed to the top of the corral to watch his sisters ride horses.
Jordyn riding
Sydney rode the horse by herself and took control and led the horse where she wanted him to go.
Riding the 4 wheelers to the cows and feeding them was a evening ritual the girls looked forward to. We've had such a wonderful trip in so many ways. But we're happy to be going home and being together as a family again. We hope to do some fun, new things in Alaska this summer. As you know, I'll keep you posted on those things because I'm a freak like that.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Misc. part 1

1. Going on dates with gammie and grandpa
Sydney got this rapunzel costume so when it was Jordyn's turn for a date she wanted the same thing.

2. The Aquatic Center in Cedar City.
We got a month pass and go every chance we get.

3. Baseball in the front yard

Levi climbed on this mini motorcycle when we took a walk. The kids love playing outside. Why wouldn't they the weather has been awesome...better than what we're use to in AK.

4. Canyoneering
Jeff went on an all-day canyoneering adventure yesterday. It looked like something up my alley too. Lots of repelling, hiking, traversing in water and the next picture is "chimney(ing)."

5. Four Wheeling
We use my parent's four wheels alot. We use them to drive to the park, cattle corals to feed the cows, and out to dinner like in these photos. The girls love to do "rollercoasters" i.e. go on bumps and hills.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

National Parks

Wednesday and Thurday we went to Bryce Canyon National Park and Zions National Park. On Wednesday we took the kids to Bryce Canyon. I almost felt like I was home for a second when we slammed on the brakes for several deer in the street. Bryce Canyon was amazing. We were in awe of the millions of hoodoos we saw and the thousands of years it took to create such a magnificent sight. We would have loved to hike around, but with no jogging stroller and backpack it was impossible to achieve such a task w/ Levi. Levi was only interested in picking up sticks and rocks and he usually walks in the opposite direction of the rest of us. We spent several hours there walking around and watching a movie they had available for toursists.

The next day my parents watched the kids while Jeff and I drove to Zions National Park and took a hike to Angels Landing. It's a 5.5 mile (round trip) hike up a steep mountain. You ascend 1400 feet. They call it Angels Landing because one of the first orginal explorers said that the only way to get up this peak was for an angel to land on it. Well 90 years later there is a great trail with handrails in some parts for the steep/dangerous parts of the hike. It's not a hike for people who are afraid of heights. Once at the summit, we had a breath taking view of the entire canyon. It was a great date. We were looking forward to going tubing down the river after this hike, but unfortunately the waters were still very high and they weren't allowing people to tube down the river so we went home early.
We're hiking up clear to the top?? That looks more than 2.5 miles.

Takin' a breather
I'll just rock climb to the top.
Seriously, you're freaking me out. That's way too close to the edge.
Yes, we made it. We hiked up and down in 2 hr. 45 min.
Friday we spent most the day at Sand Hollow lake. Sydney and Jordyn loved tubing and watching Jeff and I ski. Sydney got up skiing on her first try, but when she fell she got a rope burn and didn't try again. It's always a good day when were out on the boat and waterskiing. Will post pictures when I get home. Tomorrow Jeff comes home and we stay here for another few weeks.

I love this picture of two sisters looking at each other laughing and having a blast.