Wednesday, January 28, 2015

our Christmas day (the 23rd)

 Our Christmas tree with gifts. The picture below is what Santa brought. We sold our dining room furniture, since we weren't using that room. We actually asked Santa what we wanted and made him a sketch of what we were looking forward to having. The kids actually drew a rock climbing wall and zip line, but he didn't bring that. He did bring all of this though! I personally like the small detail of the quotes on the walls. They are motivational and one is from Gabby Douglas, an olympic gymnast, that Sydney has learned a lot about.
Levi loved his new basketball and asks everyday when his basketball team will start practicing and playing games.

The kids ran through the paper we had up and went crazy when they saw all of this!

 Opening some presents and looking through their stockings.

 Sydney got a Spy Kit that she really liked. She didn't ask for one, but she wants to be a spy when she is older so she really liked this.
 I got Jeff a game and book.
Mac enjoyed eating everyone's candy that she found in their stockings. I think she's still suffering from a candy rush;)

Christmas Eve

 Our Christmas Eve was on the 22nd because 23rd was our Christmas because we flew to Utah early on the 24th. We asked Jack Sherman, our Elf, if he could deliver a note to Santa. We asked Santa if he could come early since we weren't going to be here on Christmas day.
 I think Christmas Eve is my favorite. We open what each of us made for each other. It's personal, we take pride in what we made, and everyone is super nice and excited for what they receive. Jeff made each of the kids' this street sign, which is now hung above their doors.
 Sydney sew Levi and Jordan these crayon holders and sewed Jeff and I race bags you heat up in the microwave. She loved learning to sew.

 I helped Jordan sew bean bags for everyone.

 Jeff with the rice bag on his neck.
 Levi made everyone these candy bars. I helped him tape it together so it looks like Santa's sleigh.

 I made the kids a Christmas ornament and made Jeff this ice cream bowl since he usually has ice cream and cereal mixed together for dessert every night.

More December fun stuff

 One time we had to go to Walmart. I took my old glasses to donate and told everyone we all had to do something of service while we were there. Jordyn and Levi threw some trash away they saw on the ground. Sydney went up to a stranger and complimented her shirt. She wanted me to videotape it so I did.....very discreetly. It was the funnest Walmart trip I've ever made.
 The Saturday before Christmas we had a family party, just the 6 of us. We did christmas karaoke, had a pillow fight, read some Christmas books, made snowmen with snow from Bahama Bucks, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, ate lots of treats, and ended it with a slumber party in our room.
 Jordyn and Levi cuddling and sleeping by each other.
 Karaoke time.

 Here a christmas tree treat that we ate at our family party.
 A couple days earlier I got my hair done and the girls want to take selfie with me:)
 Macie pooh can be found in our closet or Levi's hanging from the bar or upside down like this. She loves showing us her tricks, just like our other kids do.
 This is a snowman we made at our family party.

Here's Levi throwing away litter at Walmart.
 A few days before Christmas we made a Gingerbread house while Macie was taking her nap. It wasn't 5 minutes after making it that they really did eat what they wanted to. It was a good thing I took a picture before they really did eat it. We posed for this picture below. I turned around to clean things up and then they really tore it apart and ate stuff. I look at that and want to puke. But I'm more of a chocolate person.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jordyn's 7th birthday

Jordyn had a similar birthday, waking up to her room decorated. Doughnuts for breakfast and Bahama Buck's to bring to her class too.
 After her class treat, I took her out of school and we went to a pottery painting place. Just her and I.
 We had a lot of fun and it was actually relaxing. She painted a box while I painted christmas ornaments.
 In the morning she opened gifts. She wanted a microphone. We hook it up to Jeff's work speakers and are able to do karaoke on our TV.
 Her she is rocking out to a song. We gave our loudest child a microphone :)

 Another gift we got her, she had no clue. A little background....I can't remember how she got this idea, but a few months back she started saying, "Dadddddy, give me a UNICORN, daddy" in a British accent. So we bought her a unicorn and a unicorn book.
 As you can tell by her reaction, she loved the present! It was cool that she got our humor.

 More singing before running out the door to catch the school bus.
 Some baby pictures of her I posted on social media on her birthday. Can't believe this little girl is so tall and full of personality and has so much love to give. I love her big, blue eyes, soft skin, sensitivity (a few weeks after her birthday she was sad at the thought of when I die and am no longer around), sweet, sweet girl.

We love Jordyn so much and are grateful for her spunky spirit in our home. She makes our home brighter and more fun.