Wednesday, March 27, 2013

39 weeks

Tuesday I hit my 39 weeks mark. It's currently 3:17 am Wednesday morning and I'm.....AWAKE....might as well be nursing a baby......but not quite yet unfortunately. I guess the next best productive thing is to write something here. Last night me and 5 other friends went out for dinner to zupas. It was my first girls night out with anyone from this new ward. It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I 'm getting a pregnancy massage, thanks to a dear friend, and getting my hair done. It's already a great week and the best has yet to come. Feeling excited, anxious, and a little nervous....mostly excited!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

teaching moments

I thought I'd write down a few teaching moments I've experienced the past few days. I love how teaching moments are usually spontaneous and I'm grateful I've recognized them and been able to testify of gospel truths I believe in.
1. Today we were making edible tombs. *side note* The week before Easter I focus a little bit each day on the events leading to Christs' resurrection. We call them "easter devotionals." Today was the first day and we talked about the tomb that Christ was buried in and so forth. After this devotional we made edible tombs (frosting graham crackers and using large marshmallows as the big stone to cover the tomb). Well Sydney is a perfectionist and she was getting very frustrated she couldn't get her edible tomb to her liking. I asked her if she wanted help a few times to which her reply was always the same, "NO! I wanna do it by myself." It then dawned on me then to teach her a little bit about the atonement and that we all need help; we need the help of Christ. We ourselves cannot be forgiven or resurrected again without Jesus' atonement. "By his selection and foreordination in the Grand Council before the world was formed, his divine Sonship, his sinless life, the shedding of his blood in the garden of Gethsemane, his death on the cross and subsequent bodily resurrection from the grave, he made a perfect atonement for all mankind. All are covered unconditionally as pertaining to the fall of Adam." Of course I tried to make it simple and sensible to a seven year old. She then allowed me to help and we made her tomb and this made more application to the atonement as well.
2. Yesterday I was on a date with Jordyn. As we were walking she mentioned, "I don't want another mom when you die. I want you to be my mom forever." Although it kinda freaks me out a little that she even said this, (like does she sense something is going to happen to me and of course I'm about to have a baby and things can go wrong) I was able to testify of families being together forever. Because Jeff and I have been married and sealed in the temple and to our children I can reassure her without doubt that we will always be bound together for eternity. I don't know if these moments teach Jordyn more or are more for me. Either way, it was good for both of us I'm sure.
3. Earlier this week I was trimming our grapefruit tree when I felt this wet stuff dripping down my arm. When I looked down I realized it was an egg and I had broken through a nest. At first I was kinda disgusted and wanted to wash off my arm and hand right away. When I was in the kitchen doing this, I saw a bird, I'm guessing the mom bird, right where the nest was. All of the sudden my heart felt her pain as she was probably inspecting what happened, why it happened, and feeling very sorrowful that her unborn bird was gone. It could be because I'm prego but I was wondering if this was a foreshadow of my future. I know I can't think that so I reflected more about Easter coming and was thinking about the life of Christ, his mission, death, and resurrection. Once again, I was reminded that we will be made whole again through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Although sorrow is very much a part of losing someone you love it gives me great hope and joy in knowing that we will be reunited with those who have departed before us.
Today we also discussed the Last Supper and Jesus washing the apostles feet demonstrating to serve and love others. After, we all washed each others feet. I'm doubling up on these devotionals since my family is coming Thursday. But the Mesa temple has the world's largest Easter pageant that I'm super excited to attend. Surprisingly I've never seen a pageant. Hopefully I'll make it till then.

 The edible tombs they are about to eat.

Friday, March 22, 2013

38 1/2 weeks

Wow. I'm so close and my patience is wearing thin. My last OB appt was on Thursday. I was a little discouraged when she told me nothing had progressed. I thought for sure I'd be dilated more, but not the case. She mentioned she could strip my membranes (GROSS) next week if I wanted. Not sure if I will do it or not. But my parents and sister are coming in a week so that is exciting and of course expecting to see our little girl. I wonder what she'll look like, which kid she'll favor. I know she'll have her own look, but I'm happy to feel like our family is complete with her in our home. I pray that she'll have a happy, positive, optimistic personality and outlook on life.

It's been getting hotter here but with that has come very swollen feet and major hot flashes. I officially have cankles. Cankles are heinous, at least on me. And these hot flashes are killer. I no longer will berate women in menopause complaining about hot flashes. I didn't realize just how hot you feel. Most times I get so hot it feels like my ears are going to ignite in flames. I seriously hate to complain knowing how healthy me and baby are. Most of the time I feel great. I've been going to a chiropractor that helps out with some discomfort in my lower back/hips and I'm hopeful that it will aid in a great delivery. I've still been doing pilates and zumba. I'm also hopeful that my continual exercise throughout pregnancy will help in a speedy recovery. I've been feeling so great that I've accomplished more projects around the house. This week I got our garden ready and planted with many vegetables and some fruit: cantaloupe, strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, carrots, cilantro, and watermelon. We moved into a home that already had some raised beds. I've always wanted a garden and with the help of a friend with a green thumb she encouraged me to start this. The baby's room is finished and I had the itch to repaint a previous table I had and I did some other decorating stuff. I'm not sure where the energy has come from but am grateful for all the things I've been able to get done. I know once the baby gets here, I'll put a pause on everything else. You know when you get a letter in the mail that isn't junk mail and you're super excited to open it. Well on Wednesday I got a package from a friend. It was like a Christmas morning. I was so excited to open it and was ecstatic to see a baby quilt, 2 blankets, and burp cloths she made me. You'd be excited too if you knew what an amazing quilter she is. I love her work!
 One side of the room. I plan to put a large canvas picture of the baby over her crib. I love the shabby chic dresser I bought on craigslist.
 The quilt my friend made me. Isn't it awesome?! I love the colors and the design.
 One side of the garden. Thank you to the previous owners who built the raised beds and added the little sprinkler system too.
 I decided I needed a bright, sunny color such as YELLOW to add to my home.
 The other raised bed. It's a little taller for veggies that grow longer roots. I also enjoy our 3 orange trees, grapefruit tree, and lemon tree.
 In the past I've glazed but this time I distressed by sanding and I like it a lot better. This was my 3 refinish project and it's my favorite by far.
The other side of the room. We have a daybed in her room for visitors and it will probably be Sydney's room in a few years when the baby outgrows her crib.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Levi's birthday

Me: How old are you?
Levi: I'm this many.
 On Sunday Levi turned 3. For his cake he wanted cookies and cream ice cream cake. He loved being sung too and all the extra, spoiled attention that came with it.
 Many family members called to wish him a happy birthday. I heard him say that he was 7 years old one time and 24 another time.
 Look at these faces! His presence, smile, demeanor, happy attitude makes my heart full. He makes us laugh and smile all day long, unless of course he tells me he has a skid in his underwear.
 For breakfast I made him cake batter pancakes. On Friday I took him and some friends to a fire station and we had cupcakes.

 Opening his present. Yes, singular. He only had one present from us. I kinda felt guilty about it, but he's at the age that he doesn't care and he loved his new lego gas station toy. It has already occupied him for hours. He did however have presents and cards from family that mailed him stuff too.
 Me and Levi before church. I don't think I have a picture of just him and I so I will probably treasure this one. At his doctor visit Monday he is 54% weight and 71% height. He was prescribed medication for his eczema.

A little bit about Levi--he loves puzzles, eating candy, being read too, tickled (the gentle, light kind), wrestling, playing outside, very obedient, follows directions well, happy and mellow, low maintenance, smart, cute as ever. He's such a good, well-natured, easy kid that I marvel that he's ours. He's definitely a keeper!

36 and 37 weeks

Last week I went to my check up on Thursday. I was dilated to a 1. I'm hoping they'll induce on Easter Sunday, a few days before my due date. This was me before church on Sunday. It was Levi's birthday.
 Me and my favorite toddler. Jeff always says he's my best friend...and he really is. I think we do just about everything together. I'm grateful though that when Jeff comes home he goes to Jeff. He's not my shadow by any means but we just do everything together and because he's always in a good mood, we get along perfect. 
I'm feeling good considering. Feeling more pressure down south. Feel the baby hiccup on a daily basis and sometimes it feels like she's gonna punch her way out through the skin. I'm officially full term and her bedroom is pretty much dialed in. I'll have to take a picture of it soon. More nesting involved. This week cleaning both garages. We have two-2 car garages. I love it! We organized it and even scrubbed the floors. I finally filled our emergency water tanks, took Levi for his 3 year visit, and went through the kids clothes and toys. I think I get a buzz from cleaning, organizing and throwing junk away. We're ready for this girl! The girls made a countdown chain and it's getting shorter and shorter. Love the anticipation of it all.

lemonade stand

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful Saturday and the kids had picked tons of lemons from our tree. So naturally they had the idea to have a lemonade stand. Saturday morning they picked tons of lemons and we juiced them and made our own homemade lemonade (way better than the powder stuff).
 Sydney made signs and hung them on a few poles. I obviously made this one so people could read it easily.
 We all sat and stood on a corner two blocks from our home for 3-4 hours. We also sold gumballs as you can read on our sign. As cars drove by the girls, mostly Sydney, held the sign and shook it yelling, "lemonade, lemonade just like your grandma made." I think I laughed every time they said that. Sydney also wore a fanny pack to collect her money. She was way more into this whole thing than Jordyn was. She even started doing back bends to attract customers. She must get her selling intuition from Jeff. It worked because they made 97 dollars. Her goal was $40. They are saving for a puppy or trampoline. Jeff and I only helped when there were more customers than they could handle.
The most difficult thing was paying tithing on this money. They have only paid a dollar at a time and when we said they owed $9.70 Sydney was in shock. It took a week to talk about it before her and Jordyn both paid 4.75 each for tithing. The lemonade stand proved to be a learning lesson on many levels. Even Sydney mentioned that it was a lot of work. I'm proud of her work ethic she worked hard that day flagging people down, counting money, talking to people, getting an order right, tithing, cleaning up after and preparing for it all.