Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Job Interviews

Over the past few days Jeff and I have interviewed about 150 teenagers to work at Bahama Buck"s. The following is a list for future kids who interview and for my children who when they interview in the future should consider the list I have created to help them when considering for applying and interviewing for a job.
1. Dress up (jeans is not dressing up)
2. Keep good eye contact and smile occasionally
3. Spit out your gum
4. Don't TWERK to the interviewee
5. Be on Time for your interview
6. Don't wear fake eyelashes so long that they get stuck together
7. Visit the establishment first, eat their food (or SNO in our case) to see if you actually enjoy their product, do your research.
8. Practice interviewing with a friend or family member, it will help you be more comfortable and less nervous for the real interview. Go a step further and video tape yourself in mock interview.
9. At the end when they ask if you have questions, have questions prepared, I would say minimum 2 questions.
10. When answering questions, the more examples you have to pull from past experience the better.
11. Talk loud enough so they can hear you.
12. Take 2 applications. 1 is your "sloppy copy" the 2nd is the final one with your nicest handwriting.
13. For an added bonus, after your interview call, text, email, write a note to thank them for the opportunity and any followup answers and/or questions you have.
14. Give meaningful answers, not just one word answers. It'll show some depth and that stands out when interviewing teenagers.
15. Don't repeat yourself over and over. Say your friendly and outgoing with an example or two and move on. Don't answer "I'm friendly and outgoing" to every question.
16. If they don't hire you, I strongly discourage you from expressing your disappointment with an attitude.  That only confirms that they made the right choice. It also says a lot about your character, all of which are negative.
Good luck my kiddos with your future interviews.  Dad and I will help you however we can. Preparation will go a long way. I love you. MOM