Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snowfall

This is right outside our front door. I love untouched snow. It is so pretty to me. So this morning I woke up to Sydney saying,"It snowed. It snowed. Come on mom." She was so excited to see it snowing.
Before I had to work at the gym she had to run in the snow and play. It was so cute. I'm excited to make snowmen and angels and get in snowball fights with jeff. The big snowfall got us all excited for christmas.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

poodles and ladybugs

Sydney loved being a ladybug for halloween. People said it was the hottest halloween in Denver they could remember. We went to 4 parties and trick-or-treating, so by the time it was 8pm we were so tired, but hyper from all the chaos and candy that we couldn't go to sleep.

Jordyn as a poodle.

I can't get this girl to open her eyes when she smiles.

Oh, here we go a cute picture with her eyes open. I actually straightened her hair. Now she loves pigtails.

At an outside mall near our home. There were hundreds of people trick-or-treating at this place. It was a fun atmosphere to be walking around and see so many costumes.