Monday, January 19, 2009

The ONE pounder

Our family went bowling with some friends the other day. This was Sydney's first time bowling. I think she enjoyed it...minus smashing her fingers between two bowling balls. She did pretty well with the gutter bumpers set up. I love those by the way. Her score was only 6 pins fewer than mine. That translates to me being a poor bowler. After this we ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger and that's when Jeff devoured a one pounder. It was a dare and he completed the task and then was still hungry and downed a banana milkshake. The difference between me and Jeff: he eats a one pound hamburger and gains 1 pound; if I ate a one pound hamburger I would gain like 5 pounds but look 4 months pregnant. Thus, I don't take on such dares.

By this point, the end, everyone was starving and crabby.
Sydney and her friend Abby watching the ball hit the pins.

Just a cute picture of Sydney.

After he ate the 1 lb. burger in seriously like 5 minutes they took a picture of him with this thing and hung it on a wall.
This is what it looked like before he devoured it. The bun did not come close to even cover the meat.


whit said...

hey, just take the dare, and then do that paula abdul dance video workout you have, if you stilll own it. Didn't I do that with you and Pepper?

Coordination Queen said...

That is admirable and disgusting at the same time... but it is making me hungry. Is 9pm too late for a hamburger?

trimarie said...

Okay, not to put down his skills of consumption or anything, but that looks sooooo disgusting!

Becca's Blog said...

So gross! A banana shake after a 1 lb burger I just can't imagine it. So fun though! We love bowling. Hope you are doing well and call me and I can give you that recipe.

Anonymous said...

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Which was easier the one pound burger or eating the cricket? Jeff is such a MAN!!

The Shaws said...

Hmm, I wonder who "Anonymous" is. If Jeff thinks he is such a man, he needs to lick peanut butter off of Mo's back. Then I will respect him.

Kai and Amy said...

exactly the same way. He can eat a dozen homemade cookies every night (which he does all too often)and still be as skinny as a rail. If I eat 3, I'm in trouble.

Cute bowling pictures.

Melissa said...

If Jacob knew there were one-pound hamburgers available, we'd be eating there all the time. And he'd have a heart attack next week.