Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Activities

1. Swinging
The girls loves to swing in the basement and as you can see Sydney likes to jump off and land on our couch cushions.
2. Hiking:
Thank goodness for cameras that can take a picture by themselves. Here we are at Thunderbird Falls.
3. Going to the lake:
I call it sea plane lake. We've gone there to let the girls swim in the lake. On several occastions it has been hot enough that the cold lake feels absolutely refreshing.
4. Bear Paw Festival:
The annual bear paw festival in Eagle River. We went on the carnival rides and the bear paw picnic.
5. Hanging out in our front yard:
Everyday we hang out in our front yard playing with sidewalk chalk, running through the sprinklers, and riding bikes. I love this candid shot of Jordyn.
6. Slip-n-slide:
Sydney loves running and sliding on this. Almost every time we pull this out several other kids in the neighborhood come and join in on the fun.
7. More hiking.
These last pictures our us at Mt. Baldy.

Eagle River in the background and Anchorage way in the background, before the ocean.


trimarie said...

LOVE the pictures! Jordyn has so much hair!! What a beautiful place. Hope we can come for a visit. Enjoy your fun Alaska summer with your little ones. Love you.

Kai and Amy said...

That picture of Sydney flying through the air is awesome! I love the scenery from your hiking. My daughter Cambria wants to go to the Bear claw carnival (was that what it was?) I said I would love to go there but it is in Alaska. That's okay with me she says:) She also want to hike Mt. Baldy and wondered if you were tired when you were at the top!

The Shaws said...

Sydney is growing up! Are you sure that candid shot is Jordyn? I'm sure it's Sydney. P.S. That old guy in the American flag shirt on my blog is Bob Huff. I was rolling since you called him, "that old man."

Grandma said...

Thank you for the beautiful blog. Can't wait to see both you and the great scenery. Lots of love.

Grandpa Tim said...

I can't believe how beautiful this blog is Lauren. Great work. The girls are getting so big. Jordyn looks just like Sydney. I can't wait to hold them and play with them next week. It looks like you live in paradise. I love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

The candid of Jordyn and the picture of Sydney with the mountains in the background are my favorites! It looks like heaven. I sure miss all of you!! XOXO

Luisa said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting...I miss them so much! They are changing so fast. That one of Jordyn sort of makes me think of this one I've seen of you. Anyways, looks and sounds like you guys are having fun up there...I'm glad you're getting such a cool adventure.