Saturday, August 1, 2009


Jeff has been putting the pressure on me to post these Palin pictures, he's never shown an interest in posting anything so here I am making my hubby happy. Of course I was glad to see Palin, but to be honest I don't get star struck and I don't like the drama politics bring, thus I've never been a political guru like some people in my family. So here's the story...
Jeff's grandparents, dad, and brother visited us last week. We saw that Palin was having her annual picnic in Wasilla so everyone wanted to stop by. We made our way through the crowd, and I made my way to the start of a long line to meet her, yes I did cut...big time, but no one said anything. Yes, I do feel guilty thinking about it now. Most people were handing her a book or a paper to sign. I had neither, so what did I give her to sign? Of course,  Jordyn's binky. I thought it was clever and it made her laugh. We chatted for 2 seconds while she signed the binky and this guy shot a few pictures. She also talked to Sydney which was cute. She is very pretty and does look like Tina Fey, not like I've seen her in person though. We were there for about 10 minutes. We came, we saw, we conquered.
Family peeps: Can you find Tim Sr.?
Me asking if she would sign Jordyn's binky.
Palin talking to Sydney with Pyper standing next to her. Just a side note, Jordyn doesn't use a binky anymore. We lost them all so she went cold turkey in breaking the habit and me and Jeff were happy for that. She does have a blanket she likes to sleep with, so breaking the habit wasn't even as bad as I was suspecting.....I mean, expecting. 


Alice said...

YOu are so funny. You should have asked her whey she has a Fargo accent.

Kai and Amy said...

That sounds like a fun adventure. I never cared about politics until the last year or so. Does that mean it is cold in Alaska in August if you are wearing long sleeves and Sara P. is wearing a sweatshirt?

Luisa said...

Yes I found Tim. It was like playing Where's Waldo...that was fun. I didn't even know you guys went to that.