Sunday, November 3, 2013

halloween 2013

The night before Halloween we carved pumpkins. 

 Levi chose to be Captain America. He had his costume a month in advance and that was all he talked about.
 Jordyn narrowed her choices down and wanted to be an Indian girl.  Down below is her Indian pose.

 We had a big group of kids we trick-or-treated with around the neighborhood. After we trick-or-treated we passed out candy on our driveway with our firepit. Most families do that around here. It's a lot of fun. The kids got a bunch of candy. Sydney got 168 pieces.

 Our little bumble bee. She enjoyed trick-or-treating in her stroller watching the kids run to each house.

 The 5 of us. I dressed up as Vanna White because Sydney was a million dollar and bankrupt wedge from Wheel of Fortune. She really likes that show and the app on Jeff's phone:) I tried to get Jeff to put on his suit to be Pat Sajak but he didn't want to get back into this work clothes.
 I threw this costume together in about 5 minutes and dared to put this dress on. I wore this dress last in 1997 for my high school prom. I remembered it cost me only $15. Random memory.

This is a scary group of munchkins on several levels.

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