Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This year, mom and dad came to visit us for Thanksgiving. This weekend seemed more calm because we weren't traveling and taking our kids outta school. There was a lot of playing as you can see.
 It's hard to tell in this picture but dad and Jeff put Christmas lights on and the rest of us decorated inside for Christmas and getting ready for our free SNO day the following week.
 Sydney helped make the rolls.
 This is Macie's pouty lip. It's a good one. Don't think I've ever captured just the right picture of it.
 Thanksgiving day while Macie was sleeping and dad and Jeff were watching football we played Aggravation.
 Then Jeff took a nap and we went to our park to pick up a whole bag full of trash.
 I love when they get along!!

Everything turned out yummy and it was so calm. We mostly prepped in the morning and had the rest of the morning and afternoon to relax and enjoy one another.

 After dinner we played a little game....a gratitude photo scavenger hunt. Boys vs. Girls. This picture below was "something that makes you strong...."
 "Someone you love that isn't in the group".....Jeff with our Bishop's wife
 "Something that is bright..." a sunset
 "Something older than you..." we're all older than Macie.
 "something that is patriotic" Levi is with the Bishop.
It was such a great day and week with mom and dad here.

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gammie said...

Those are some great memories!!! We sure had a good time! Love the pouty lip!! I miss it too!!