Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jan. 9th, 2017

I'm grateful for sunsets; and some days Arizona has the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen like the past 2 nights. Levi and I were looking at it tonight: blues and pink with fluffy clouds. It looked like cotton candy we concluded. Jeff left for an overnight meeting in Scottsdale. It's been a few days of stress. Here's the story and some background--Jeff got laid off from Pfizer a year ago and started with Amgen. They gave him a nice signing bonus and the stipulation was that he couldn't resign for a year or else we'd have to pay it back. Well the year with Amgen was pretty ugly. The atmosphere, manager  was unlike he's ever known. An opportunity with Pfizer came up and so in applied for the job and technically signed with Pfizer Dec. 16th. Jeff had just enough vacation days to use until his official year mark with Amgen so he wouldn't have to resign, thus paying back the signing bonus. Well Amgen received confirmation of this development and fired Jeff today, 2 days before his year mark. Thankfully we found out he wouldn't have to pay back this signing bonus. We were both relieved about that. So I'm also grateful for that in addition to sunsets.

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