Thursday, December 18, 2008

The joy of shots

I read a friend's blog yesterday and it reminded me of something that happened when Jordyn and Syd got their yearly shots in the same visit. There is an advantage of having two kids born within a week. I knew I would find out soon enough. To go on with my story...we were in the doctor's office waiting to get shots. Jordyn had to get 4. The doctors then said, "Okay Syd you don't need one (a shot) this time." This sent Syd in a frenzy. She started whining, "I want a shot" over and over and over. The nurses and myself were in shock that she was requesting a shot. I brought to the doctor's attention that Syd needed her second flu shot. The nurse came in with the needle and Syd got the biggest grin on her face and finally stopped whining. She got her shot and then started crying that it hurt. Oh...there's not even words to describe the emotional roller coaster that Syd experiences on a daily basis.

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