Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the season

December is a busy month with figuring out what to give people, doing some kind of service project, decorating, attending parties, creating christmas memories with traditions like sitting on santa's lap, baking cookies, making ornaments, etc. To top it off I have two birthdays to celebrate. Sydney's birthday was on the 5th and Jordyn turned one on the 11th. Luckily they are young enough not to ask for a party with friends and they are young enough to appreciate opening one present and eating cake and ice cream. Yes poor girls don't have cool birthdays but will they ever remember? no. When they care to request a fun birthday I will have to cave in and have a party with a group of girls, but until then I'm going to chill and enjoy my busy december.
Syd got a pretend medical kit. She loves it. Everday she has to give me or Jordyn a checkup.
Jordyn loved her cake and ice cream.
Syd finally got the idea of blowing out candles, opening presents, and being spoiled on this one day.
She was so excited to eat her cake and then go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Jordyn was very happy too. I did for Jordyn like I did for Syd, which was asked family to write a letter for Jordyn's 16th birthday that she can read. I think it will be a treasured present that she will enjoy reading in 2023. Along with the letters are other memorbilia from her first year...a binky, favorite outfit, articles about the life of pres. hinckley, pres. obama getting elected etc. So if you're a family member and haven't written a letter to Jordyn please take the 5 minutes or so to do so. THANKS. She will love it!! I still have to write mine too:)


Coordination Queen said...

Happy Birthday to your cute girls!

Melissa said...

I love the idea of writing a letter to your girls and keeping things from her first year. So clever! I'm sure they'll love it.

adairfamily said...

what a good idea for there birthday letter. I agree with the party keep it simple, they will never know.

Becca's Blog said...

Hey, wow two birthdays on top of this are a super star. No wonder I haven't seen you at all. You guys look so cute and the girls look as happy as can be....who needs a party with a smile like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for their birthdays. I've been to Chucky Cheese with Sydney and I know how much she loves it!! J-Bear looked so cute with cake all over her face. Those are treasured memories!!