Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My bachelor date

I know you're thinking, "Wow those outfits are hot." Luckily Jeff and I have been married for awhile now. This isn't something you want to do on a first date. You realize how ugly a person looks like with googles smashed to their face and a funky type of space suit on. As if that isn't bad enough, when you're in the chamber with huge amounts of wind, you see just how much excess skin is on someone's face. It totally flaps everywhere and if you open your mouth, drool will fly out. But it's worth it. If you don't have fun, you definitely have fun watching other people.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wgu9ry7RUg Here is a link to watch a minute clip of myself skydiving indoors.

Jeff had a surprise date fo me yesterday. When we showed up to this indoor skydiving place the thought crossed my mind that this was like "The Bachelor" sort of date: exciting, adventurous, and with a hot guy to enjoy it with. We were in this chamber that blew tons of wind and flew in the air like we were skydiving. It was a ton of fun. I would recommend this activity to anyone who is curious to feel the sensation of skydiving without the cost of really jumping out of a plane and skydiving. After this, Jeff gave me another surprise and had made a reservation at a nice restaurant close by. It was great to do something that got me a little nervous. There was much fun "screaming" coming out of my mouth. Jeff was a little disappointed when he quickly realized that you can't just jump in the chamber and do backflips. There is quite a bit of coordination and experience involved to get to that level.


Cori said...

Yep, those are some hot outfits alright. I think it's the goggles that really make it great, though. Looks like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

you guys look like giant grasshoppers from the CDC. The video was great and it did look like fun! Jeff's a thoughtful guy! Lucky girl you are! surprises are the best!!

whit said...

That looks like so much fun! Sign me up! I would want to do the flips as well. This would be perfect for me, bc I am way too big of a wus to do the real thing.

Becca's Blog said...

What a guy! I am proud of Jeff for the surprise factor. I was telling Ryan the other day how we have got to do some more exciting things on our dates and just really have fun together. That looks like the perfect start.
We really are going to miss you guys, but of coarse are so excited for you.