Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sydney turns 4

I turned my blog into a book ( I can't wait to get it in a couple weeks to see what it looks like. With that being said, I'm sure my blog will be more detailed (and therefore boring to some) and perhaps more frequent since this is the only place I write down what is going on in our life.
Last Saturday Sydney turned 4. My goal was to not throw a party until she started asking for one and this was the year she really started asking for a party. So we had her first party with her friends. She had 15 friends from church, our neighborhood, and preschool that came. It was a Christmas theme. I had 3 stations. The first station was frosting christmas cookies and eating some lunch, the 2nd station was making a christmas ornament, and the last station was playing games: pin the star on the x-mas tree, santa-santa- reindeer (aka duck-duck-goose), and this balloon game. After we ate a princess cake (syd didn't want a snowman cake) and ice cream and opened presents. She had such a fun time playing with all her friends and of course getting some new toys. She was really good about thanking kids for the presents and saying how much she loved the gift she got. She even commented how "beautiful" the wrapping was or bag was that the gift was in. The party ended and Sydney was still on cloud 9 while Jeff and I were beat. The night before we hosted a X-mas party for Jeff and his co-workers and were up late. It was a fun weekend and now we're about to leave for Utah to visit family for a month and celebrate Jordyn's 2nd birthday in two days.
The night we had Jeff's work x-mas party.
Syd and her friend Luke with her first gun. She loves the gun. Not only does it make noises but the end lights up too. I love that my girl can appreciate and enjoy boy toys.
Sydney and her new apron that my friend made and a cook book for moms and kids. Sydney loves wearing her apron (as does Jordyn) around the house all the time and I love when she is shooting her M-16 gun while wearing it. I can't help but laugh.
And of course a party wouldn't be a party without a cake and blowing out a candle.
My big girl and I. It's crazy how fast 4 years have gone by. Sydney is such a good little girl. She is very obedient and very helpful. She is always willing and wanting to help me and help around the house wether I ask her or not. She is a joy in our lives and we love her so much.


Alice said...

You look so cute pregnant. So, I've thought about printing my blog but it would cost like $300. Let me know how it turns out.

trimarie said...

She soooo big! and so pretty! I laughed out loud at her picture with the gun. I really, really miss you guys. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Melissa said...

I love that she got a gun! Some of the best memories I have are playing the game war, which really just consisted of us walking around the back yard with sticks. Sydney is way ahead of us.

Coordination Queen said...

Sydney and Aiden need to hang out. I want to see more pictures of the inside of your house. :)