Saturday, January 30, 2010

In 50 Years...

It's pretty disturbing but this gives you a good idea of what I may look like in 50 years. I asked jeff if he will still love me if I look like this in 50 years. There was lots of laughing and pictures taken with this old man mask. We were bored one January afternoon and this brightened the moment.

This is what Sydney will look like but with a bigger body and maybe less pink in her outfit in 50 years.

My mom in 50 years. She'll be older than 100, but she looks pretty healthy and happy otherwise.

Scroll down further if you'd like to see some pictures from our time in California and Cedar City.


Luisa said...

Ok seriously, that freaked me out at first when I saw the old man picture and didn't realize it was a mask. Those masks are so funny and actually kind of realistic looking. Your mom had all those?

Kai and Amy said...

I hope and pray that none of us live long enough to look like that:)

It is amazing how fast a pregnancy can go when you aren't the one pregnant! I can't believe you are almost there.

I am so jealous of your California trip. It really didn't seem like Christmas without being there for some amount of time.

And finally we are also missing Cedar City. We usually go to Woods Ranch to go sledding a couple of times during winter but we haven't made it yet this season. Maybe since there is still snow we might still get a chance. How fun that Sydney is skiing!

Glad you are with family while Jeff is traveling.

The Shaws said...

I am disturbed!