Monday, February 15, 2010

Size Small?

The other day I went to the mall (my first time in Anchorage since I know they don't have a play area for kids. I don't understand why all malls don't have a little play area for kids). I went to Motherhood Maternity for a shirt. Of course I grabbed a large, cuz HELLO I'm really large. To my surprise I was swimming in it. The women handed me a small, which was still a little big. I was flattered and for a second believed I was small, but who am I kidding. Almost all 8 month prego girls are not small. Why is there such a size? It should really be SXL (Small for the eXtra Large person). So it got me thinking....these are reasons I KNOW I'm not a small.
1. When I ask my girls to take my shoes and socks off because it's hard to reach that far, I KNOW I'm not a small.
2. When I can't see my feet because my stomach is in the way, I KNOW I'm not a small.
3. When I need elastic on my jeans because a zipper is just out of the question, I KNOW I'm not a small.
4. When I take a break half way up a flight of stairs because I'm already winded, I KNOW I'm not a small.
5. When I weigh more than my hubby, I KNOW I'm not a small. (not like he's a big person or anything just weighs a lot more than I usually do).
6. When Sydney tells me I'm "big," I KNOW I'm not a small.
7. When I have to scoot my drivers seat back because my tummy is hitting the steering wheel, I KNOW I'm not a small.
8. When I need to put a napkin on my tummy because my shirt would get dirty if food fell on it because it sticks out so much, I KNOW I'm not a small.
So although the "SMALL" felt good for a second, it didn't fool me. I'm maybe a small on the Extra Large spectrum and I'm good with that.... for right now. I won't be okay with that 6 months from now.


Coordination Queen said...

you are funny. that made me laugh. i think anyone who's been preggo can relate to that.

Kai and Amy said...

That is so funny! At least you are a SXL and not an XLXL!