Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sydney's 5th bday

Sydney's birthday was as previously mentioned a week long celebration. It's not as extravagant as it sounds. We have a birthday countdown. day 6: watched her baby movies (I've edited them and put music to them so they are actually enjoyable to watch)
day 5. Helped her make a birthday shirt. day 4: made cake pops for family and preschool. day 3: put up decorations for her bday. day 2: put on birthday pillowcase and went to see Santa and his reindeer who came to visit Eagle River. Day 1: HOTEL/birthday party. Her birthday fell on a sunday, she was not happy about that. I can't blame her. I felt the same way when I was younger. We ended up celebrating on Saturday. She had her last basketball game. Later that day we stayed the night at a hotel in Anchorage that had a swimming pool and hot tub. We ordered pizza and ate it in our room, opened presents, went swimming, watched Toy Story 3, ate candy, and stayed up late. It was a ton of fun. This party was also for Jordyn's birthday too which is this Saturday so she opened her presents as well. The kids loved it and I loved it too. I didn't have to throw a party. woohoo! The hotel had a separate living room, so Levi slept well. The next morning the hotel had an amazing continental breakfast, we're talking an omelet bar and everything else you can imagine that was made in front of you. We got ready for church and sadly the party was over. Sydney was excited for all her birthday phone calls that were made to her that day. Thanks everyone for the gifts and kind words you gave to her. We love Sydney more than I can explain. I love to watch her grow, learn, and love life. She is a beautiful little girl and has a joyful spirit.The pure delight in opening a present
Telling Santa what she wants on his sleigh
Indoor swimming at the hotel
The kitchen birthday corner. The birthday countdown in the background. She chose dinner each night: salmon, pizza, chicken nuggets, quesadilla, mac-n-cheese.
At preschool eating the cake pops we made


Kirsten said...

what a fun birthday week! Happy Birthday Sydney!

Coordination Queen said...

She is so stinkin' cute! Happy birthday Sydney!

Carrie said...

Looked like so much fun!!! Thanks for the cake pop idea I made them for ella and I loved them YUMMY

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great! What a fun time for the whole family! She is way precious!!!