Sunday, December 12, 2010

What 3 looks like

Yesterday it was Jordyn's turn to celebrate a birthday. Miss J or JZ (I'm trying to get that nickname to stick), had a fun week and birthday as well. We had some neighborhood friends come over in the middle of the week to sing happy birthday and eat some cupcakes. Yesterday we went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was our first time in 2 years, and if it's up to me we won't go back for another 2 years.This is what a 3 yr old looks like who is seeing one of Santa's reindeers for the first timel
This is what a 3 yr old looks like who discovers that she got a Barbie for one of her b-day presents.
This is what a 3 yr old looks like celebrating her birthday
This is what a 3 yr old looks like in front of her birthday countdown and baby pictures. Jordyn also loved watching her baby video and looking at baby pictures. It really is crazy how fast time passes.
This is what a 3 yr old looks like on one of the small rides at Chuck E. Cheese.
Jorydn is now 3 and we all are happy that the terrible two's are over. Jordyn executed that infamous age of 2, it actually started when she was about 18 months. A lot has happened since then. She has potty trained, we moved, a new sibling, she is able to express herself so much more, napping has ended, she has learned cause and effect, and others. Some people have suggested that the terrible two's is the new terrible three's, but in our experience it hasn't been so. It may be the case with Levi, but so far our girls' age of 2 was rough and it got better from there. Of course we'll have melt downs and she'll talk back for year to come, but Jordyn pretty much knows what happens around here. First: time out. Second: hot sauce, Third: in room until bed time. We've been consistent w/ this for many months now and it's been working. No one has had to stay in their room yet, but trust me, they know it WOULD happen and I guess that don't want that. They get dimes for nice acts: a random "I love you" to each other, helping one another, other compliments, obeying w/o complaining, and doing their chores. This next year will be a big one for Jordyn too. She starts sunbeams, she's gonna start a dance class, she'll start preschool, and maybe even learn to ride a bike.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! JZ (on the ride)looks a lot like you did Lauren at the same age. Let's hope two wasn't the "easy" year!! What a great celebration!