Monday, November 28, 2011


I was sad this morning when I woke up and knew that Jeff had to go back to work, Sydney had to go to school, and we were back into our routine of life. We had such a fun Thanksgiving week. Jeff took Wednesday off and him and I went x-country skiing together. It was my first time this season so needless to say I was winded after my first small hill. We skied over 5 miles and by the end my legs were exhausted. It was fun to finally be out there skiing (we had a week or two of temperatures in the negatives--don't good for skiing or much else outside).
Thursday I cooked all morning while Jeff took the kids skiing. We ate at our friend's house w/ other friends. It was a lot of fun to stuff ourselves with yummy food and then play some games. Thursday night a friend and I did the whole "black friday shopping" thing. We went to Toys R Us and then to Target. Both included waiting outside, lots of people, and waiting in line. It was fun despite all that and the cold. I was in bed by 3am. With only 5 hours of sleep I wasn't cranky the next day either. Pretty impressive for someone like myself.
Friday we cut down our first real Christmas tree (that deserves a separate post) and that afternoon Jeff took Sydney and Jordyn to see the Nutcracker in Anchorage. The girls loved it, most of it; the last 1/2 hour they were antsy. Saturday we hung out and finished decorating our home for Christmas.
Our home on Thanksgiving day. It's hard to tell but we do have christmas lights on our home. They've been on since October. Can you imagine trying to put them on our house right now? We will not see the black of our drive or the green of our grass until April or May.
My girls on Thanksgiving. We also saw Breaking Dawn that Monday.
Our November tradition. One of my faves "I'm thankful for dad because he lets me watch Pink Panther" Jordyn wrote. As you can tell Levi tried to write some stuff too.
Jeff and the girls in front of our real tree, before we decorated it.
This is my favorite room at night when the garland and tree are lighted.

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Anonymous said...

Such a festive spirit I feel as I look at the pictures! You really make the holidays so special for the kids. I hope you're saving the "thankful for" papers. Cute crafts for the holidays!