Thursday, November 3, 2011

halloween 2011

This was my first Halloween experiencing snowfall. After the trunk or treat at church, we went around our neighborhood with some friends. We walked around for 20-30 minutes before going home to drink some hot chocolate. Next thing I knew it was snowing. It didn't stop anyone because there were still tons of kids walking around until about 8:45. It was Sydney's first halloween that she understood the strategy involved w/ trick or treating. She was running to every house trying to get her bucket full. Another first was making a "halloween" dinner. It was easy and the kids loved it so I think a new tradition was born. Here are some mummy dogs.
These are suppose to be mouths w/ teeth and we drank poison to wash it all down.
Sydney designed the pumpkin which turned out looking like the guy Chunk from Goonies. Levi loved exploring the insides of the pumpkin. The girls insisted on using gloves to pick the stuff out of the pumpkin.
This is at our tri-ward trunk or treat. Sydney is a super-hero. It's kinda hard to tell w/ all her snow gear on.
Levi is are lil' stinker aka a Skunk
We went to about 3 or 4 different parties. Jordyn went back and forth with a Cinderella and Rapunzel costume.
Her favorite was the Rapunzel costume. I loved it, but by the end of Halloween I wanted to burn the wig. I'm still finding hairballs from the wig all over the house. She does make a cute rapunzel though.
Moving on to the next holiday.


trimarie said...

Super and food! I like "Rapunzel"s frying pan!

Andrew and Cori said...

I love your idea of a Halloween meal. If only I cared to be more creative... :) I'm sure my kids would love it if I started trying to be cool!

Bowen Family said...

I love your idea for Halloween dinner. So Cute! I really want to remember that for next year. i just put it in my calendar for next year to I don't forget. Your kids look great. Did you and Jeff dress up this year?