Friday, January 20, 2012

so much snow

We've had 88 inches of snow this season. Normally we have 44 inches at this time. This is just our area. There has been upwards of 300 inches+ in areas like valdez. This past week the snow has stopped and it's been clear and sunny, sounds pretty nice, right? Well, when it's clear and sunny, temperatures drop. For the past week, the high has been -6, at least any time I've had to be outside and drive around. The lowest temp I've seen was last sunday driving to and from church. It was -18. That is the coldest I have felt. I don't let the kids play outside at those temperatures and neither do the schools. Sydney has had indoor recess this week. At this point I'm looking forward to our Maui trip with my parents in March. The thought of walking around in shorts and flip flops sound very appealing. Also, in May Jeff and I are going to Kauai. Jeff won an award trip with his work and they are sending me and him to Kauai! We're so excited. A trip alone that's completely paid for. I still have to pinch myself because it sounds to good to be true. My parents are coming to watch the kids. The anticipation of those 2 trips will definitely help me get through this especially snowy and cold winter.
Our back deck before we shoveled it.

Some trees in our backyard
All the snow makes for some beautiful scenery. I love looking outside.

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