Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random stuff

To say I'm excited that we're going to Maui in a few weeks would be an understatement. At this point I haven't traveled further than 30 miles in 10 months. Sometimes I feel like I live on a small, frozen island only 20 miles in diameter. That's all we travel in the winter. This is the poster I made last time we left. We count down the days.
Finding a good deal is also exciting. I wanted some boots like these and they were only $15. Normally they were $45 but with some sale and coupons I got hooked up.
It's pretty random that all three kids are looking at the camera and sitting still in the bath tub long enough to take a picture. It'll probably be the last one they're all in the bath tub together. Sydney's at that age where she needs to start taking a shower.
This is random. Rarely do I see a sunset like this in the winter. Even in the summer it's rare because I go to bed before the sun sets. Last weekend I saw the NORTHERN LIGHTS for the first time. We saw them from our bedroom window. It is definitely amazing. Glad I finally saw them before we live.


Anonymous said...

looks like those cute shoes will fit me too! I can hardly wait myself for Maui!!! Beautiful sunset, very cute kiddos!!! XO

Coordination Queen said...

Beautiful sunset! Have so much fun in Hawaii!