Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I like valentine's day and all, but I'm still getting over the sugar rush and excitement from Christmas that I don't care all that much for this holiday. Luckily with Pinterest I get motivated to try and make the day a little extra special for my family that I adore.

We had our friend Ila over and made some valentine sugar cookies.

On valentine's day I was sick so I made valentine's breakfast a few days later.
Jeff and I are still planning on seeing the movie Vow for our date we didn't go on since I was sick. We exchange love letters and he surprised me and got me a mani and pedi which I plan to use soon before our Maui trip.
Oh, and for dessert, heart shaped cinnamon rolls.

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Anonymous said...

such precious faces! Go Jeff-lover boy royale!Can't wait for Maui!!