Wednesday, March 28, 2012

kids updates

He is talking up a storm. New words every day. He likes when Jeff "crushes his skull." He loves to read. He doesn't cry when he's mad, he does the angry roaring noise. He climbs and jumps just like Sydney did at 2. He jumps off his crib, screams at us to watch him, laughs and then does it all over again. He sleeps from 8:30-7am and takes a 2 hour nap (1-3pm). Levi loves building with his blocks and legos. He loves reading books just as much as playing. I truly love and adore his laugh. He gives me kisses freely. He doesn't eat as well as I'd like him too, but he'll drink healthy vegetables that we juice...go figure. I love when he says, or tries to say, "1, 2, 3, sshh." Instead of saying duck he says, "buck." He's very handsome. He takes whatever he wants from the girls, which undoubtedly causes havoc.

Starts ballet on Monday and has been asking me every hour if it's Monday yet. She is a character. Jeff is in Dallas this week, when she talked to him she said, "I want you home. You left me with mom." I find her playing with her toys and I love hearing her talk with her toys and singing to herself. She brings both love and joyful frustration to our family. She continues to use "potty words" on a daily basis. I've noticed her drawings and letter writing are more legible and detailed. Today she drew a picture of me with a normal size head and huge big eyes. She bears her testimony by herself on a monthly basis. She is a very sweet and tender hearted little girl.

Starts karate on Tuesday. She is a very obedient and loving. In school she's been working on the Idita-read. She had to read 975 minutes in the month of March we have 65 more minutes to read. She's gotten several rewards along the way and students will get a special luncheon when they reach to Nome. On Friday she's receiving another award at her school assembly. Her reading abilities amaze me. It's fun to hear her read signs around her. In the car she read, "this is not an ashtray" and then asked me what an ashtray is. I love teaching my kids their world they explore. Sydney is a special girl with a bright future.

Job is still uncertain. He's trying to get a lateral transfer. The waiting and unknown is difficult at times, but we try to stay positive. Our faith keeps us strong and in the end we know that 1. things will work themselves out and 2. Jeff's job doesn't define him or us. He could be a trash man for all I care. As long as he is honest and doing his best at what he does is what matters most. How much or how little a person make a person better than another. (I'll get off that soap box now). When Jeff isn't working or thinking about work he X-country skis, hangs out with the family, and fulfills church commitments.

Looking forward to Jeff and mine's Kuaui trip in May. Jeff won an award trip so it's just the two of us. My mom, sister, and niece are coming to watch our kids and have some fun. I'm busy with raising 3 kids and my church commitments. When I'm not working in one way or another, I'm either exercising, sleeping, taking a shower, on a date w/ Jeff or girlfriends, or catching up with my mom. I don't really have a hobby like photography, crocheting, sewing, or something else. Sometimes I wish I did. I wish I was good at one thing, but yeah, I'm not. That's kinda my personality though... I don't like being strapped down, because that might mean I might miss something I spontaneously want to do. Now that it think about it, I don't have much time to do "extra" things. I'm looking forward for Easter. I have some fun things planned.

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Alice said...

I don't have any hobbies right now either. My main hobby right now is to raise good kids and I think that's important!