Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter week Day 1&2

This year we're celebrating the week prior to Easter Sunday again. This past Saturday, the kids received some Easter goodies and this week we're focusing more on the events that took place prior to Christ's resurrection. Sunday we read about Jesus' Triumphal Entry in John 12:12-13, made palm branches, looked at the Gospel Art Kit picture (GAK 223), and watched the short clip of His triumphal entry in Jerusalem on Mormon Messages. We discussed the word "Hosanna" and I asked the kids what they would shout if they saw Jesus and Jordyn said, "I love you."

Monday: We (well Sydney) read from Matt 21:12-16 about the Cleansing of the Temple. We looked at the GAK 224 and discussed the scripture and picture. For the activity we made bread as family and discuss why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. Read John 6: 51. Gave one of the loaves of bread to a friend whose daughter was hospitalized.

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trimarie said...

Great job, Lauren. I tried to post a comment on your blog the other day, but Blogger wouldn't let me. :[ The efforts you are making now will have a long lasting effect on your kids. Keep that eternal perspective and keep going. You're doing an awesome job.