Sunday, September 30, 2012

back to school

Jordyn goes to preschool 3 times a week. Her teacher is Miss Miles. She also loves school and bringing home crafts and work she does there.

 I was surprised just how early school started. Sydney started 1st grade and Benjamin Franklin on Aug. 8th. Her teacher is Miss Ritter. I just had her parent/teacher conference last week and her teacher raved about what a good student she is academically and behaviorally. Sydney is loving school. It took about a few weeks to adjust but she's enjoying it. She is motivated by "dollars" her teacher gives out. When a student get $10, they can pick a toy from a treasure chest or eat lunch with Miss Ritter. I must brag and write what a dream child Sydney is. When she comes home, she immediately does her homework. I don't have to ask her, nag her to finish or anything. She does it right away, I help when she needs it, and we're done. I brag because I realize that this probably won't be the case with the rest of my kids so I'm not taking it for granted. It probably won't last forever either so for right now I love this about her.

 walking to her seat in her new classroom

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Anonymous said...

I miss taking those little kiddos to school! I noticed and was really amazed that Sydney always gets her homework done FIRST THING!!!!!!