Thursday, July 26, 2012

first visitors

Last week my parents came to visit. We kept it a secret from the kids. They stayed one night at a hotel. We told the kids we were gonna do service by bringing some old people dinner (I'm not a good liar). When my parents opened the door, they were shocked. Sydney dropped her jaw. Jordyn screamed and Levi said, "Gammie." The kids were so hyper and excited the rest of the night. Sydney stayed with them overnight.
 Sydney started summer school a couple hours in the morning so Jordyn and Levi went swimming with them and to the temple.

 One night we went to this pizza place that was also a musical show. A guy played the organ and many other instruments were played too. We all liked that and the kids danced to the music.

 I had heard of this place but it was way different than I expected. We'll be going back when other visitors come.
 Jordyn posing just like charlie chaplin.
The kids were spoiled. Going out to ice cream, lunch, swimming, and the movie Brave. There always sad when the grandparents leave.


Anonymous said...

great pictures! great memories!! The one of Levi's reaction to water in the face was classic!! sure do miss all of you! XOXO

Sandy said...

How very fun!! I could almost feel the excitment, but mine was from a Granma's point of view. Glad you're doing so well. Still love you lots!