Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Break

We're not used to having a week off of school in October so we didn't plan something until last minute. We finally decided to surprise family in California and show up to Drew's 1st b-day party at the Rueckert's. We stayed G-ma Marianne's while they were in Oregon. It was fun to see Luisa's reaction when we showed up on her driveway. The next morning we surprised G-ma Karen and Uncle Tyler early in the morning. After we met G-pa Levin and Uncle Ryan and Danny for breakfast. Uncle Ryan and Alison were so nice to bring toys for the kids and buy them a treat after. Then we headed to Huntington beach for some surf and sand. The kids were in heaven playing in the water, chasing the waves and birds, throwing sand, finding sea shells, and walking on the pier. Jeff and I sat and watched as our kids were perfectly content playing on their own.

Then we headed to "drewlapalooza." We chatted with old friends and family while listening to Marc and Luisa's band. As if our day wasn't busy enough we hung out at the Juns after putting kids to bed.
We were suppose to leave Monday but just about as we were driving away Jeff got a phone call that allowed us to stay a few extra days. It was nice to really hang out with family and not have any major plans of amusement parks and such to keep us busy. A fun, relaxing, and fun little get-a-way.

                                            Jordyn getting some cuddle action with cousin Luke

Caught--sibling bonding over fudgesicles and for breakfast no less.

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Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! Sure shows the blessing of families! Great pictures!!! Glad you had fun! XO