Wednesday, November 7, 2012

19 weeks

So today I am 19 weeks. I'm finally feeling like a human being and definitely looking pregnant so I should probably start journaling baby #4's journey. This is a good week to begin because I have finally felt the baby kick this week. It doesn't feel like a kick so much as just movement. They're small and cute. Give the little guy, or girl some more time and they will be kicks that even Jeff and I will be able to see. Nonetheless it's a good feeling and makes it all seem real and draws me closer to the baby now that I can feel him. Speaking of all the gender business, on Friday we have out what we're having. We're all so anxious around here as to what it is. Levi wants a girl, Jordyn wants a boy, and Sydney says we'll have whatever we're suppose to have (she's very wise). My gut is telling me girl, but I think a boy would be fun. I have a little cyber scavenger hunt idea to break the news to family and friends. I'm not craving anything. I never really have. I currently do Zumba twice a week, a yoga/pilates class, and a water resistance training class I do on a weekly basis. I bet I'm starting to look pretty funny and awkward at Zumba but I still go all out, not in a sexy club way like some girls do. I still take the anti nausea pills cuz if I don't my stomach still gets to feeling yucky, but I'm definitely done throwing up. Levi tells everyone, "mommy baby tummy." Jordyn kisses belly and Sydney is more curious about how big and heavy the baby is.


Alice said...

You look so great, I love baby kicks!

Anonymous said...

You do look beautiful! I don't think I should have to participate in an "over-my-head" techno scavenger hunt!