Friday, November 2, 2012


After 3 months of wart bandaids and cream, and a dose of liquid nitrogen from the doctor, her WART finally came off. That should save us from at least 10 minutes of whining per week.

Jeff: Did it hurt when your wart came off?
Jordyn: No. It didn't even tickle either.

Jordyn: My legs hurt
Jeff: Well now your back's gonna hurt cuz you just pulled landscaping duties-movie quote.

Jordyn: If we have a boy he'll be "Jeff." A girl, "Eleanor"

Jordyn says to Aunt Luisa after examining her chest, "I want boobs. BIG boobs."

Had a bloody nose yesterday. He always wants to wrestle with anyone willing. Loves candy, legos, puzzles, drawing (even staying within the lines), counts to 10, and is very independent. Levi (and the girls) love taking family bike rides in the evening. It has been really nice since Levi has been riding a bike with training wheels, we can all go together and stay together. He's been doing this for several months so he hardly falls now. He's learned what it takes to go up and down driveways and curvy curbs w/o falling.  Levi has also learned how to drink from a water bottle without back-washing. That is definitely a life skill that everyone should know.

She received Student of the Month. Her teacher said, "She is a respectful, attentive, and diligent student! Sydney treats others with kindness. She listens and follows directions quickly. Sydney always tries her best on assignments. Sydney is a joy to have in class and I am glad to have her in my class!"
Sydney was most excited to get a free coupon for ice cream, to be the line leader ALL day, and of course the recognition. Yesterday she started her homework in the car on our way home from school. She's always on the ball in the school department.
This week Sydney has caught the independent reading bug. She's already read 2 books this week. They are the Junie B. Jones books and although I don't particularly like those books, I'm just glad she finding joy in reading. We're working on finding a new series she will enjoy. I love this though because it means less fighting with her siblings. Win/Win!

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Anonymous said...

Jordyn is soo funny!! I really miss all the kiddos! and kudos to Syd! Student of the month- teriffic